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GSP vs Shields Time To Choose!


When I first heard of this match-up I automatically assumed that GSP would probably win. But now I'm not so sure. Shields may have the ability to stuff GSP's take-downs (if GSP's strategy is to take him down). And I watched Kos take GSP down 2 or 3. So will Shields be able to take down GSP and administer a little GnP? Shields is superb on the ground (ask Dan Henderson). Or, will GSP do to Shields what he did to Kos on the feet, pick him apart with jabs.

I am absolutely torn on this one.

What do you guys think?


Can we talk about NCAA finals instead?

Penn State 1st team place
Cornell 2nd




Haha. Shields lost to Kampann. That's all I got.





If GSP opts to take Shields down instead of pitting his excellent striking against Shields not excellent striking then he deserves to lose the fight, and every game of Risk, Monopoly, Checkers, or Connect 4 he ever plays.

It would be a clear case of ignoring an opponents weaknesses in order to have a go at his strengths. I don't think that fits GSP at all, unless he hires Shaun Sherk to do his gameplan. For me the question is "Can Shields force the fight to the mat?" I think no. So GSP wins. In fact, if GSP doesn't finish Shields standing I would be surprised.


Robert A


GSP by a "why did I pay for this fight?" margin.


Shields submission rd 2.


I think I'll stick with my original prediction of GSP. But I heard from good sources that Shields has been training like a mad man for this fight and nothing would surprise me.


As witnessed in GSP vs Koscheck, a fighter's strengths can seem diminished in light of a better opponent
People thought GSP was going to out-wrestle Koscheck just like he did in the first fight
People thought GSP would be scared of going toe-to-toe with Koscheck
GSP jabbed Koscheck to death and avoided multiple take-down attempts from Koscheck, NCAA Division 1 Wrestler


I'm a little surprised to read that you think GSP will "finish" Shields. The last time he did this (other than Penn not answering the bell for the 4th) was in 08' when he took it to Matt Sierra. GSP fights to win with a superior strategy. If that means that he knocks someone out in the process fine, but he doesn't seem to go looking for it.

But yeah anything can happen.





It is based on Shields abysmal stand up. I am basically thinking there is no excuse not to. Shields is not much of a threat with strikes and I think his wrestling won't match up to GSP. Basically, GSP won't be taking a risk trying to hurt or finish Shields on the feet. In fact, I would go the opposite way. The longer the fight lasts without hurting Shields, the more chance the fight hits the mat where Shields may win. The safe strategy is to bust Shields up.


Sure but Shields is relentless in his takedown pursuit, he'll bear hug, drag, pull guard. He also has a slick guillotine.


I think Shields has to be relentless. He has Grade A grappling and Grade D striking. His gameplan reflects that. I see GSP's wrestling being enough to prevent a takedown if he wants, and he should.


Can Shields fight off his back at all? I can only ever remember seeing him on top. His guillotine finishes are all from the mount, as far as I can recall.

I see GSP either jabbing all fuck out of that vertical chin of Shields or taking him down and keeping him there. Either way, Shields isn't going to be allowed to play to his strengths. GSP by jabathon stoppage or decision.


GSP via decision. He will do what he has done in most of his recent fights, take him down and dominate him


GSP's striking is so much better than Shields that I see no reason why he would want to take this fight to the ground. I think St. Pierre uses his wrestling to stuff Jake's takedowns and picks him apart on his feet. Probably this ends by TKO in the 2nd or 3rd round.


So you're looking for a strategy similar to what he did with Kos.


I think so. GSP has enough striking and ground skills to take away a fighters strength.

For instance:
2nd fight with Hughes he beat him standing up instead of letting Hughes take him to the ground.
2nd fight with Serra he took Serra down and controlled him there instead of taking a chance and getting chin checked again.
When he fought Alves he gave him a take down clinic. He would not let Alves out strike him with his superior Muay Thai.
2nd fight with Kos, he gave him a jab clinic.

It pretty much agreed that Shields striking sucks in comparison to the top fighters, but his ground skills are one of the best. So why would GSP fight him at his strength?