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GSP vs. Sherk

UFC 56 is set to go tomorrow and personally this undercard fight is much more interesting than either of the title fights.

What are your expectations for GSP vs. Sherk? I like both fighters and think that this will be very close. Maybe the Spike will give GSP the edge. :wink:

I think that both of these guys have the potential to beat Hughes someday.

My prediction: GSP by decision.

I don’t see either Rich or Matt losing their matches.




p.s. Lindland, if he hadn’t been fired, would have been a much tougher opponent for Rich…but maybe that’s exactly why he was canned in the first place.

I thought Lindland got fired for being sponsored by a betting site? I am really eager to see Hughes v. Riggs, I love Riggs’ style.

Im not so sure GSP can get by Sherk. Although he has good striking, GSP has won most of his fights by clinch and ground dominance and superior strength. Sherk is one of the toughest in the world in all three areas at 170. Sherk is an absolute monster who never really got the respect he deserves. Easily should be the best fight of the night and I am a huge fan of both guys…sick skills and humble attitudes are a nice combination.

If GSP takes it convincingly, it will be clear that he is the future of the sport in his weight class.

I’m a big Sherk fan, but I really think GSP is the future of 170 in the UFC. Nobody can ‘andle iz riddim’! :slight_smile: