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GSP VS Condit


nick diaz failed to show for preshow press. dana white replaced diaz with carlos condit
diaz coach supports white's disaproval..... thoughts?

what a dick and mabe he scared....


Nicks done this before. Oh well I was looking forward to this and BJ vs Condit. Maybe they'll do a Penn Diaz title eliminator and figure out this Diaz mess. Or maybe Fitch Penn 2.


Oh and GSP will finish Condit, the man is severely overrated.


Servers Diaz right considering that people like Duffee have been kicked out for way less. Never liked him anyways, but definitely would've rather watched GSP beat him up because there might've always been a change for something crazy to happen, now it'll just be another shutout by GSP. Should've just booked GSP - Silva after that bullshit, even though I don't know how that would play out anyways with GSP being at a serious size disadvantage, but I'm surely not looking forward to this...

DFW is also looking for an opponent for BJ thats going to make the fans flip out... Nobody to make anybody to really flip out in WW who isn't booked, since Dana doesn't want to see Fitch fight for nr 1 contender spot any time soon because he leaves it in the judges hands thus being absolute garbage (not to say I like Fitch's style one bit, but there are a bunch of beltholders doing this, just saying). BJ - Machida 2 would make a lot of people flip out I guess, lol.

Could also try to book BJ a fight against either Melendez or Aoki in 155 or catchweight, probably more likely :stuck_out_tongue: . Cerrone could also be a name worth mentioning, and if they could book J-Lau another fight on short notice, BJ - Guillard would be so much awesomeness that my head would probably explode. Guillard being one big fucking slugger this could also be a potential catchweight fight if Guillard is up to it, I don't think BJ wants to cut out all the candy and bear to get down to 155.


Diaz doesn't deserve to fight if he is not going to fulfill his contractual obligations. Hell, when you disrespect your own coach by slipping out of his backdoor after agreeing to go, that's a bitch move. Diaz will be cut from the UFC.

Condit will be an interesting match for GSP. I'm looking forward to this fight.


Damn dude-
how can I ever use the 'dont be scared homey' quote again.

Diaz is a goon , good payday he just missed out on.

really I wanted to see Penn vs Condit

kind of curious to see whom Baby Jesus gets to fight now.


Exactly. He lost all credibility after this. Fucking idiot.


GSP would get schooled by Diaz.

give him bj already.

UFC is scared of their gay posterboy losing so they feed him Condit who wrestling defense is almost non-existent. Expect another snooze-fest. By Lay N pray and wall n stall.


Put the kool-aid down. Now...back away from the kool-aid.


No kidding.

Diaz had nothing for GSP. An attitude, and some sloppy boxing combined with a good chin. He ran.


lol. Let's see how BJ thinks of that. GSP is next.


I don't think so. He won't get the shot again, as he fucked it up already. Can you say "Gatekeeper"??


Nick Diaz a gatekeeper? Lol he is no Clay Guida


Diaz is fun to watch, no doubt about that. Though it was years ago, I can't get those 3 losses in a row to Sanchez, Riggs and Sherk out of my head.
Diaz has gotten better, but how good are the caliber of opponents he's beaten of late?


i need to rewatch those 3 fights.


Never watched the Riggs fight, but if it was anything like the Deigo fight Diaz lost a clear decision because he kept ending up on the bottom and trying to fight from there, which as all know, rarely works that well in MMA. That said, the Deigo fight was my fight of the year, and in my top 5 most exciting fights ever in MMA. When I hear a fight between two high level grapplers announced, I think of Sanchez/Diaz.

Sherk didn't really BEAT him. It was close, Diaz did ok but lost a controversial decision. Diaz was trying to game the system a little more and show improved TD defense, which he did. Unfortunately it was at the expense of letting his hands go. Sherk barely damaged him but made more of an impression with the takedown attempts and pressure.


being on your back rarely works that well in the UFC.(see Miguel Torres VS Mighty Mouse) one of the most actives guards i've seen in the year and he gets a L on his record =(

Sherk pressure style is fun to watch, i hope he recovers from that damn long string of injuries he's been having and pull his shit together.


haha, trust me though, that match with Nick was boring as hell. I think it's one of the reasons Nick decided to fight the way he does, disregarding the takedown to land shots. He got burned by that loss.


You couldn't have said it better....


I haven't been this excited about a fight in a long time. I have been a Condit fan for ages. I feel GSP will take it if he can keep Condit down. Standing up I don't think GSP will hang.(He looked awful inthe shields fight) Rooting for Condit all the way. WAR Condit!!!!!