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GSP v.s Penn Predictions


GSP will win this one, hopefully to a tap out by strikes, in either the 4th or 5th rounds. (So there is more time to see GSP dominate Penn)


I feel GSP will win but I'd really like him to beat up Penn slowly. Penn needs a long drawn out ass whooping, and I can only see him running his cocky whiny mouth making up excuses about a "lucky" strike or "sneaky" submission. A good old fashioned drawn out ass beating is in store to put him in his place.

Also if anyone has seen the Penn training videos and how weak he is in the weight room it is hard to not say that GSP will dominate him.


Regardless of how GSP beats him, and he sure as hell will, everyone knows Penn is just going to go on and on about how such and such thing was going wrong and GSP just got lucky and all the same bullshit he always spews.


GSP all the way. I am also hoping for a pure 5 round ass beating. I'm sorry but watching bj struggle to bench 135x10 its impossible for me to give it to him.



BJ Penn would have to be living in dumb, deaf and blind denial if he hasn't realized what amount of work it takes to beat GSP.. I don't believe for a second that the training montages we've seen depict the truth about him, his condition or the people around him.

That being said I do believe GSP will have the upper hand in this fight, both physically and mentally. I think he has the advantage in those areas that allow him to stay in control and choose the pace of this fight.

Of course in MMA a single mistake can end a fight and anything can happen.. While we've seen a lot from both fighters and how they're preparing for this fight it is practically impossible to know for certain what their true capabilities are and there are always a million and a one thing that can fuck up a fighter even before the fight starts.

I don't even want to try and predict the outcome, that would just take away from the enjoyment I plan on getting from this fight, but I hope GSP will win and I believe it will be one of the best fights in the UFC history no matter which fighters hand will be raised come the end of it.


I say GSP TKO's Penn in the third round via relentless G & P.


First of all I can't believe there are 2 people in the combat sport forum that believe anything done in the weightroom translates to the octagon.

GSP may have the slight athletic advantage, but technical prowess is Penn. Penn is a better striker, better no gi bjj and better td defense. GSP has the explosive advantage and better td's

If Penn shows up in shape he is going to pick GSP apart and win by tko or taking the back to RNC.


GSP takes down people at will, I do not care how good B.J's defence is. B.J got the big advantage of sherk due to his reach, the same thing GSP will have over Penn.


Anyone have any videos of GSP weightlifting


You obviously don't know anything about proper strength and conditioning for MMA.

No, big muscles do not automatically translate into wins, but the training GSP does makes him stronger, faster and more powerful.

The prediction is that GSP will be 15-20 lbs heavier (and stronger) than BJ come fight time. It will play a huge factor, especially in the later rounds.

Just look at the vanilla gorilla Brock Lesnar. Mediocre talent, but he overwhelms opponents with sheer brute force.


Raise your hand if you know who's strength and conditioning program is better:




You all are underestimating BJ way too much, IMO.

If there's one thing that motivates BJ more than anything it's his place in history. Having the chance to hold 2 belts in 2 weights classes at once is a huge deal to him, added on to the fact that he wants to avenge the split-decision loss in '06 to GSP.

I think this fight is decided in the first round. If BJ can inflict some damage and keep it standing, he'll win by Round 3. If GSP is able to take BJ down, it'll be a long night for Penn.

Prediction? I think BJ will win the first round and will TKO GSP in the 3rd round.


BJ Penn in the 3rd round, by submission. Like wlfpack said everyone here is underestimating Penn way too much.

Also, I may be a little biased cause i did live in his home town of Kailua Hawaii. So i have to cheer for a fellow K-Town kid.


Penn's technical prowess wasn't enough the last time they fought, now we know that GSP has improved a lot in his striking and especially in combining striking with a variety of other attacks.

What about Penn.. I haven't followed his developement much so I can't comment on how his technical ability has improved, has it and how?

GSP also has quite a reach advantage at what some say goes 76 (74 official) inches vs Penn's 69 inches (either way that is considerable to say the least).

One thing I am really looking forward to see is if BJ manages to catch GSP into a solid submission is, how well can GSP power out of it.

With the information available I see this fight going straight to GSP. What am I missing here that makes BJ so dangerous to GSP particularly.. other than his obvious aggression and bulldog like nature, I don't see his submissions or striking being a major threat against GSP here?

Maybe I am wrong, if so why?


What did you say? I was too busy staring at your avatar.


I'd say GSP is pretty technical himself:


Penn, early in the fight, by submission applied to G.S.P.'s leg or ankle.


I have absolutely NO idea how this one will pan out.. can't wait for this fight... it should be GOOD... as long as nothing dumb happens..


I think it will be a great fight. GSP by 3rd round TKO.

I hope after all the trash talking Penn did, that GSP throws a few extra strikes in there.


Yeah against the stand up wizard matt serra...