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GSP v. Diaz Out Condit In




lol wut. Gotta say I'm disappointed as fuck. On the flipside, I guess Greg Jackson finally coaches against GSP.... right?


he just doesn't give a fuck about anything hahahha


I really hope Diaz gets a fight soon against BJ or whoever, it's a shame he is managing his career this way.


He's so full of shit.

It ain't that hard to catch a flight...

His ego and mouth got him into a situation where he'd be fighting someone way out of his league, and he ran.

It's amazing he still has fans...


out of his league? BJ is getting another L in his overhyped career and GSP is next.


I agree that BJ has been over hyped for some time. I recently went back and watched some of his earlier stuff, and was reminded how he gained such a fan base.

I still expect him to beat Diaz. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if Diaz would now have to fight Fitch before getting another title shot, and I don't see him winning that either.


Kaiser you're trippin dude. Diaz, while a good fighter, hasn't fought guys at GSP's, Fitch's or BJ's level. Daley was the closest he ever got, a very good kickboxer with massive holes in his game.


i've been watching all BJ fights prior to this week, and his career at WW isn't what i would call stellar.


Tko'ed Hughes on a good display

Looked great against Ludwig who is not top tier and was raw at the time.

Lost against GSP and moaned about GSP being favored.

Lost to Matt Hughes by TKO.

gassed BADLY against GSP and started "greasegate" didn't come back to 5th round even called his mother to testify.

TKO'ed an aged Hughes.

Got a Draw against Jon Fitch in a lopsided 3rd round. He should thank the judges for that one.

This is not BJ bashing, these are just facts about his performance at WW. He is stellar LW and i enjoy immensely his old fights against Pulver, Sherk, Sanchez or even against Lyoto.

When he is focused he is beast, the probably it doesn't seem to happen very often, But to fans BJ never loses, he just was having an off-day or maybe the judges saw the fight wrong, because Frankie Edgar couldn't have won that first fight right?


He's a lightweight fighter though. Even now, he only doesn't go back down because of Frankie beating him twice (and him being at the tail end of a career).

Still we could go point by point:

-Beat Hughes (yeah that was the shit, especially considering how dominant Hughes was).

-Went on to fight abroad, highlighted by his fight with Lyoto in which he more than held his own. Granted, Lyoto went on to drink more piss and level up considerably, but he did beat Franklin/Bonnar around that time.

-GSP beat him, but that fight was the definition of LnP. It was a testament to Georges heart, and Penn's crappy gas tank at the time (and his whining).

-Hughes beat him... after losing two rounds. I remember watching that and thinking Hughes was getting clowned. Even when he got the takedown, he couldn't do anything with it because of BJ's defense. BJ would then proceed to separate a rib and 'gas' suddenly in the 3rd. That explanation is generally accepted because no one had seen Penn gas so suddenly before, even back then.

-GSP PWNed him. Even then, remember, Penn was coming up in weight, didn't do it well if his training videos and subsequent condition were anything to go by. Despite this, Georges has yet to fight an opponent, since the Penn fight, with the same vigor he attacked BJ with. That says something. He knew Penn was dangerous and it brought the best out of him. GSP, post-Serra (hell even before), was never sharper, or more ferocious than in that fight in my opinion.

-Got a draw against the #2 at WW. Fitch is boring to watch 90% of the time, but remember, in him you have one of, if not the best all round grappler at WW. He's a legit black belt, and is strong as an ox no matter his diet. BJ took him down and held his own on the ground, not standing like everyone expected. Hell, I gave him the first two.

All that said, I feel you with the Penn nuthugging. Still there's a reason he's so respected. This guy was beating the best at LW in the beginning, took on all-comers at every weight, and still hangs with the best today, even at higher weight classes. MMA records don't mean much (look at Handy Couture), and while wins are important, they aren't as important to fans as fighting the best.

Oh, and Frankie lost the first fight :smiley:


Rundy you forgot his fight with Gomi.

right as Gomi was going to pride Bj owned him too

and then he roughed up a few gracies, but thats kinda 2nd tier

you cant knock his ability
you can say he doesnt train to that ability


telling me Frankie Edgar lost the first fight it's the same thing as saying that Lyoto lost the first fight against Shogun.

It didn't happened, now lets stop crying.


Good point. He destroyed Gomi when he was up and coming, though, yeah Gomi was never as outright dominant as other champs and did have holes in his game.

@kaiser: a bad decision is just that. I personally don't consider that a loss on BJ's part. It happens in this sport, with the crap judging. Why let it color your perspective.


Bad decisions makes my blood boils because the UFC loves to say that they can't do ANYTHING about commissions and judges, when to them that's a smart move.

The fight gets a L on his record, they don't pay his full purse, diminish his leverage on negotiations and opens space for a possible rematch in case of intriguing matchup.


Never thought of it that way. Good thinking.


I see Penn beating Diaz fairly handily. IMO Diaz really didn't even deserve a title shot to begin with. He got lucky that Fitch (who IMO is the legitimate #1 contender) drew against Penn (who I'll give all the credit in the world for fighting about his natural weight class and taking it to Fitch) and the UFC found itself up a creek without a legit contender for GSP.

Diaz has never beaten any truly top tier fighters (heck, he lost to Diego who Penn absolutely decimated; I know, I know, MMA math doesn't work), maybe Frank Shamrock (who was just a shadow of his old self) would be the closest thing, or perhaps like someone said before, Daley. So he's behind in the experience department.

Penn also has better ground skills (both BJJ and wrestling), heavier hands, a better chin, and better boxing IMO. The only thing that Nick might have would be better conditioning (which always seems to be the case with BJ's fights), but with it only being a 3 round fight, I don't see that being enough to give him the victory.

Honestly, I think this fight will expose Diaz as being the second tier WW fighter that he is and hopefully give BJ the confidence boost that he needs to make his rematch with Fitch (which I truly hope happens) a great one.

And actually I like the GSP vs Condit match-up more anyhow.


Fitch is the perennial #1 contender. Unfortunately he does not excite the fans and his management has angered the Gods of the UFC. He has deserved another title shot since about 2 months after he lost his first one.

I agree with Sento's assessment of BJ vs Diaz. I do however think that Diaz's akward rythym and high punch output may let him set the pace of the fight. BJ looks mortal when he cannot get his jab working for him (see GSP vs Penn II, and the Edger fights). That plus conditioning may make this interesting. I don't think the fight hits the ground without BJ wanting it there, and he seems to prefer standing and banging so this could happen.


Robert A


I agree that Diaz does have awkward rhythm (wow, talk about two really oddly spelled words) and that his pace could potentially give him an advantage later on into the rounds. But, BJ's head movement is among the best in MMA (he rarely gets hit in the head when it's on the feet) and even if he does get caught, I think he can afford to trade with Nick (as Nick has recently been knocked down while I can't recall BJ ever even being wobbled by a punch to the head). Now, body punches on the other hand could wear BJ out, and Nick does throw some nasty ones, so that might be a good strategy for him to employ.

The other thing is that I don't think that Nick can KO him, and so if BJ starts to feel that he's losing the stand-up battle, I think he'll be able to take Nick down and dominate him on the ground. If the reverse happens though and Nick is losing the stand-up battle, I don't think he'll be able to do the same.

I actually wouldn't be surprised to see BJ immediately try to take Nick down (similar to the Fitch fight) and just beat him there, where I really don't think Nick has any chance of submitting BJ. I mean hey, if he could take Fitch down several times (one of the biggest, strongest, most dominant wrestlers in the WW division), then I think he'd be able to do the same to Nick. The only difference is that I don't think Nick is as submission proof as Fitch (especially if BJ gets his back), or has the wrestling chops to reverse positions like Fitch does.



I agree. You SHOULD be right about this. This is BJ's fight to lose.

The question in my mind is wether or not Diaz and BJ woof at each other enough to make BJ brawl instead of fighting smart. I think this is more of a possibility than it should be. If Diaz makes it about fighing "tough" in the hype up to the fight and BJ goes along with it, which he loves to do, e.g."It's to the death George. Don't make me mad George. It's to the Death."(putting aside the fact that if it is a deathmatch I am not really worried about making someone pissy, and the fact he stayed in his corner in said "Death Match"), than BJ could buy himself a loss. Especially if his corner is the same brain trust that brought us the "come on, kick his ass brah." tactical advice against Edger, instead of pointing out that although Edger was nullifying the jab low kicks and takedowns preceded by a few punches (regardless of if the punches landed) were being successful.


Robert A