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GSP Strength and Conditioning



About halfway through is GSP's interview. WTF is he talking about. Is he being serious or what?


what are you confused about

he just gave you the formula to be the best fighter in the world


he's serious


He doesn't believe in S&C. How can that be? It seems like a major part of his training is S&C with chambers. He's doing that for physique? haha come on I find that hard to believe.


Just because he's the champion that doesn't mean that he's right about everything.


Lol. He's probably trolling.

If he isn't, well, like Zeb said, he's wrong. Training with Chaimberg, and dialing in his nutrition changed him as a fighter. Anyone who followed his career after Serra 1 knows that.


Yup exactly it was plyometrics and nutrition, not switching trainers, firing his agents\ and becoming more of a strategic fighter.


You know what I was referring to. After Serra 1 he came back bigger, and faster.


Might be some sort of language barrier. I would be suprised if he was that stupid, but it was pretty widely put out there that he was going to the canadian oly training center to do an olympic lifting routine. Maybe he just doesnt associate this as a strength and conditioning program, but like I said this would be pretty stupid of him to think that. He also already put it out there a couple of years ago, so why try to hide it now.


You guys are in denial he was pretty clear in his statement.


He is bullshitting. Unless he fakes it for all the prefight shows.


It's not a language barrier. He had a good point saying that conditioning is much more than being 'in shape'. That comment on lifting to "look good, to feel good, to do good" was obviously made in jest.

Either way, by all accounts (except this one), Georges does physical conditioning, and seems to take it seriously.


I don't know what to make of it, but he has been quoted in the past as saying he does the physique building as an end to itself, to make himself more marketable... again, don't know how seriously I take that, but he's said it.


So, he has a strength and conditioning coach, but he doesn't do strength and conditioning?


Apparently Chaimberg started a thread on StrengthCoach.com regarding this interview clarifying his comments. Bret Contreras was talking about it on facebook, you need to be a member to read it but this is the link ( http://www.strengthcoach.com/members/cfmbb/messages.cfm?threadid=D3843C3A-188B-8204-AE1A0F434EA4085B ).

Apparently the comment was taken out of context and he was talking more about things like treadmill work and machine based training, but i'm not a member of SC.com so i'm just quoting Bret!


Thats what I thought, and what I was getting at with the language barrier thing. He obviously struggles to find the right words in english quite often, and the way he worded this statement seemed to be separating traditional combat conditioning like jogging along with body part splits from his own s&c program. Sounds like that is the case.


Then what was the whole part about lifting weights to look good?


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