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GSP Spiked!


Great choice for Biotest (Spike) to sponsor Georges St. Pierre. He just keeps getting better. Matt Hughes' title is in grave danger.


I didn't catch that. I know they can't thank sponsors anymore, so I'm guessing he had a shirt or hat or something?


ummmmmmm... he had it on his GI, his T-shirt and his shorts...

GSP is the future of fighting. he's a class act too.

admirable athlete.



Not really since its been aired, but people bitch anyways. GSP stops Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk in the 2nd round by TKO ref stoppage due to strikes. He was a walking Spike billboard! Sherk couldn't andle the riddum!! Bring on the champ!!


i don't think they could have picked a better athlete to sponsor. he kicks all ass at what he does, WILL be the next champ, and is a classy guy with a hilarious accent. GSP!


ah. I was trying to finish some homework during the PPV. So I didn't watch most of the introductions, etc.

No arguments there. He and the Crow are the future of both of their weight classes.


What really blows is Dana White bringing back BJ Penn. Now GSP might have to step aside so Penn can fight for his belt back. Remember, UFC stripped Penn's belt because he sign with another company and he was also in legal trouble for punching a cop. But GSP should get a title shot next.


While i am glad that GSP is the new Spike sponsor and i like him as a fighter, the reality is he will have to overcome a huge uphill battle to be the next champ. Penn is no slouch and hughes is at the top of his game and never seems to falter. Although GSP might be at the top of his game as well i dont see anyone beating hughes in the near future.


iatguy did you really just say that it blows that BJ Penn is back?!?! I was so excited when he came out. As far as GSP having a harder time getting the belt ... probably. But the upside of having BJ is way too large to worry about something like that. I have confidence GSP will be able to get the belt either way.

He has the riddum and hits guys to make them go "Aaahhhhh"


Not to mention that he earned it "fairly squarely" :slightly_smiling:


There's an interview with GSP in the current issue of Double XL magazine - a Vancouver-based fitness rag.

Look for the interview on page 17. He mentions he is sponsored by an American company, Spike, who send him proteins and amino acids that are very good for him.



Penn had better get to fight the winner.