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GSP & Spike/Biotest?


Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Spike/Biotest is still sponsoring Georges St. Pierre?

I know he's still pictured on the cardboard container that the 4-pack of Spike Shooter cans comes in and his pic is still on the web page when you go to the Store section and then click on the Spike product.

But I don't think he's been wearing Spike-logo'ed stuff to the cage in his recent fights.

Is he still involved with Spike/Biotest?


Ookay then. Looks like we settled that!


I saw a vid of GSP running hills wth Jacksons camp and he was wearing a T'nation logo t-shirt....its about a year-year and a half old I think.


Recent fights he hasn't worn ANY logo. If I remember correctly the affliction brand got banned and he was sponsored by them (still is) since he can't wear them he decided it would be unfair to wear any sponsor. So I would assume they can still use his name but he won't be wearing logos anytime soon.

I need to check his flag and shit b4 he fights to see who his sponsors are on there...


It's because of his Affliction sponsorship. Guys that are under Affliction contracts have been wearing "plain" trunks for their fights since they aren't allowed to wear Affliction shirts post-fight in the UFC. So, Affliction pays them more to not put any advertisers on their gear.

Not sure if I have that directly right, but I believe that's the jist of it.


Seems like there would be money issues with one sponsor trumping other ones to this extent?

I know the story behind Affliction but wouldn't the fighters lose perks?

OT- Xen your avatar is badass!