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I want to go on the record as saying: I do NOT want to see this fight. I think GSP is utterly destroyed by the Spider.


I do want to see it but not the way it's going to go down. How can GSP move up 15 lbs and immediately fight the champion at MW who is possibly the GOAT at MW and the #1 p4p right now? When Silva moved up to LHW his first fight was JAMES IRVIN. GSP needs a fight like that at MW first before he can go after Silva. If it is an immediate title shot, yea, I think he loses to Silva.


GSP is gonna get CRUSHED by AS, i don't even have to explain why


Don't want to see it either. What if GSP wins? Then does he keep his WW belt and have to defend two belts at the same time? Or does he forfeit the welterweight belt and just become a permanent MW? If he loses, then all it does is put an extra L on his fight record and probably not surprise anyone (since Silva is the bigger, many consider GOAT MW).

I personally think that there are still some interesting fights for GSP at WW atm. I'd like to see a rematch with Fitch (assuming he wins tonight) and I'd like to see him fight Shields. Hopefully by that point some up and comers will have separated themselves from the pack and have earned a title shot.

Anderson on the other hand has pretty much cleaned out the MW division. I would like to see him move up to LHW, because I think there are some much more interesting fights for him there than at MW.


I'm thinking it'll be GSP by split decision.


i do not like this fight either....while GSP's setups for his takedowns are awesome, he'll have a serious reach disadvantage, as well as power and weight.

i honestly think Silva is hoping Jon Jones gets the LHW title so he can fight him.....and i think Jones take the fight.


Seriously you are delusional if you think that Jones can take on AS, On Shogun i can see it, but on AS?


AS isn't a perfect fighter. He is a very skilled MMA striker with a very good ground game. His wrestling is good when he uses it, but most times he doesn't and leaves openings for takedowns. I can absolutely see Jones taking Silva down and controlling him on the mat (not that Jones top CONTROL is that great, but I believe it'll do the job).

IMO GSP needs a feeler fight at that weight class, but it'll be a tough fight for him. The length will be a factor, but once he gets past that, assuming a good weight gain, I think he can take it to a decision.


I think the fight is logical they are both mentioned to be the top fighters in the world...I think Anderson wins this by knockout because that's what he does...GSP has nothing left to prove at the WW division unless he has a new found drive that makes him want to finish a fight...The only reason that Anderson Silva fought James Irvin was because Dana White wanted to put out someone that was putting on a fight the same night for PPV I just can't remember who, so Dana put that fight on for free knowing that Silva would destroy James...I'm not interested in watching GSP grind out another decision in the ww division I would like to see him have to fight


I like GSP and what he's done puts him in discussion for top 5 MMA fighter of all-time, but he wants no part of Silva. Silva wins this by 1st round KO. Also, anyone who thinks Jon Jones is anything but cannon fodder for Silva is out of their mind.


Bones is all the hype right now and I don't think he would take Silva but to think this kid doesn't have a shot right now is crazy...Ryan Bader was a tough match and Jones went right through him and I think he will do the same to Shogun


The shogun fight will be a good indicator of how this fight goes.


Bader's a giant LH who plays to his strengths but has some pretty glaring weaknesses, which happen to be Jones' strengths. Outside of a fluke KO Jones has NO CHANCE against Shogun. The kid has a really bright future but he's not ready for a title shot. I'd like to see him fight some of the bigger names before people start annointing him the second coming.


I think GSP has already stated that if he is to move up to MW, it would be a permanent move. If he beats Shields (and I'm pretty confident he will, but anything can happen), it'll probably take at least half a year, probably more for him to put on enough muscle to feel comfortable in that weight.

If we take a look at GSP with about 15lbs more muscle, its pretty obvious that with that time, even with roids, his cardio is going to take a big hit. He is going to put on a lot of weight, so he probably won't be as explosive either, even though he might be strong as a bull at that point. He will also give a nice reach advantage to every top MW he is to face, not only AS whose reach advantage is going to be pretty massive.

On the other hand, AS is 35 years old now. Its pretty likely that since he has pretty much done all there is to do in the MW, he won't probably improve from here. His age is going to be a factor sooner or later. Very much like all the great strikers, one of his greatest advantages is his reaction time, which does slow down as you age. Your conditioning and your strength takes a hit, and cutting weight becomes harder. Not saying his time has come, but you never know when it will.

AS's weak point has proven to be wrestling. Sonnen ragdolled him around until the events in the 5th round, rib injury or not. Other fighters have had success with taking Silva down. Can GSP do it? The fuck do I know, but I believe that he has the tools to do it if he can adjust to the weight class. From there on, its all GSP's game. Can he finish Silva? Unlikely, but I also doubt that Silva can finish GSP off his back.

GSP's trainingteam might very well be the best in the business, and if anyone can come up with the perfect plan for beating AS its Greg Jackson & co. GSP is very well rounded, and I wouldn't say he is going to get destroyed standing in the 1st round. Clearly Silva has an advantage there, but GSP and his crew probably know enough not to completely play Silva's game standing.

With all that being said, I have no idea who is going to take it. Moving up the weight is always a big move, especially when you put on a lot of mass on the process. We've seen fighters like AO do it with great success. Of course the situation with GSP is completely different, but who can really tell how he will perform with more mass? That being said, I believe AS will obviously be a favorite here, but how big, I can't tell. Might be 60-40, might be 85-15, only way we can tell is if GSP beats up Shields, so thats what I'm hoping for.

Besides, its all basically playing down right the way Dana wants it to. If GSP wins Shields, the puzzle is ready. GSP moves up the weight, vacates his title and there will be BJ - Fitch for the WW belt and Silva - GSP for the MW belt, both likely to be massive draws (well, atleast Silva - GSP) and bring the much needed shake to the divisions. Win or lose, Silva could very well move up to LHW after GSP fight, and look to take the title from Shogun/Bones/who ever happens to posses it at the time.

With LW and HW being under constant changes (you can't really name a fighter high above the rest in either of those divisions), we'll have some really interesting times comeing up in the UFC. Throw a bunch of solid prospects in the mix, and we've got ourselves a pretty superior organization. Take the sport to Japan and increase the ammount of events in the Europe, and very soon MMA could become a mainstream sport world wide. Lets all just hope it all plays out that way, coz I know I sure will.


I wanna agree with you on this...I know the UFC is bringing him up real fast just like GSP in his first fight with Hughes but this kid has alot going from him...I hate going against my Pride peeps but I think Jones wins this...sad but true


A catchweight fight has been discussed.
And I do not see Cain losing for some time.


I agree that Jones is probably the future of the division, but he's not ready for top level fighters yet. Beating Stephen Bonner and Ryan Bader doesn't = shot at the title. I could be wrong but I see him getting his ass kicked.


Catchweight bout would indeed even things up a lot, but I don't know if its going to make it more of an quality match if Silva is forced to dehydrate himself even more and come in the ring with less energy. If it is to happen I'd say it should happen in MW if GSP decides to move up. There really ain't much left for GSP to win in WW anyways, so I don't see any reason why he couldn't just move up if challenge is what he wants.

[OFFTOPIC]Indeed its hard to see Cain as underdog against any fighter in UFC, or even Strikeforce, but he can still get KTFO'ed by the likes of Carwin or JDS if they just get the perfect shot on him. Anyone in that division can knock anyone out, and the change for one fight ending punch is higher than in the rest of the divisions, so I don't really see Cain as any kind of invisible superior being, like GSP, Aldo or AS, or what Fedor used to be. If UFC can get couple of the toughest fighters from Strikeforce, its really hard to see Cain's position being cemented as the number one HW in the world. I'm a big Ubereem fan, so my opinion might not matter for a shit, but I believe Ubereem would posses every tool to beat Cain. Solid grappler with incredible strength could probably even the score in the wrestling department (though who knows, Brock got manhandled too but the again we have Fedor vs. the big guys as a proof that the smaller guys like Cain might face some problems with his lack of size) and being the K-1 GP champion I'm having really hard time seeing how Cain would take this standing, other than landing one perfect shot, which we don't even know how Ubereem would react to.[/OFFTOPIC]


I disagree, Cain has the Wrestling and the conditioning which is one thing the other lack.


I'd like to see GSP move up.

He's cleaned out the WW division: no one there even comes close.