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GSP Reps a Little T-Nation


This is a pic from a couple years ago, but it's still pretty cool to see the shirt on one of the best. Doesn't quite fill it out like a certain other bald French-Canadian.....


which other french canadian? jerome le banner? Thibeadeau?


Thib obviously...


damn, i really like le banner!


This site and GSP's former sponsorship with Biotest is the reason I started watching UFC (and became a GSP fan). During his sponsorship, he would wear a Spike patch on his shorts.


Ha, I actually thought he meant Hugo Girard!


That may have been of the least thought out sponsorships ever. Let's Sponsor a fighter with a yellow Spike logo almost exactly the same as Spike tv. EVERYONE thought he was sponsored by Spike tv unless you already knew about Spike and T-Nation.


The only Girard i know is the great Jean Girard


jérome le banner is french.