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GSP Is Out of UFC 67


due to injury...







just about anywhere on the net bout ufc.com will do


Sorry. the newb that I am went to sherdog only who had no mention of it at the time of your post. didnt even think to go to ufc's site directly. that sucks. even tho I wasnt particularly looking forward to seeing him fight serra. Maybe well get a better fight instead?


Bah. Now my thread is useless. Any word on who is going to replace him or if the Serra fight is totally scratched?


they should make him fight matt huges,after all serra had such nice things to say about him


He's the next obvious choice and I'd love to see him choke the fuck out of Serra.


I would second that.

However, I think Lutter is sitting there wondering why Serra got all the luck.

IMO, Silva is going to absolutely anihilate Travis. This is one of the biggest mismatches in a long time and is a card I will not be buying.


I probably won't buy the card either, but I'll definitely head down to the sports bar to watch as Crocop and Rampage will both be making their debut...probably against mismatched opponents, but I never thought I'd see the day when they would be fighting in the UFC...if you told me this a month ago, I would've told you that you were full of shit.

I really don't think Lutter is that bad of a matchup with Silva...Silva is a smaller middleweight who can be takend down and submitted which is Lutter's game. If he can't get Silva to the ground, at least we'll be treated to a highlight reel knockout.


Guys that I think have a chance against Liddell(in order):

Rashad (best wrestler currently in the UFC LHW division, can he take Liddell down and hold him? I'd like to see)

Rampage (behind Rashad because I don't know if this is the same guy that beat Liddell the first time)

Bisping (give him a fight against a good opponent(maybe Forrest or Jardine)next and then a title shot, his standup is about as powerful as the UFC has in the division next to Rampage and Liddell, we haven't seen Liddell fight even a decent striker in forever)


Serra v. Hughes would make sense & be great, but if Serra loses, does he still get his shot? i say scrap the match & put Lister v. Marquadt on the card instead of on UFN or move McCullough V. Cope from WEC, seeing as Zuffa now owns it, even though its for WEC light weight title.

Silva, Rampage & CroCop make the card worth buying anyway. That being said the only UFCs we've ever got see in Aus have been 40-43. Apparently a new contract has been setup for us to start getting them again from 67 though...


It doesn't look like Dana's going to put in a replacement for GSP or get another fight... oh well.

I'll still watch this one, because at least we're guaranteed some great knockouts and submissions (unlike the travesty that was UFC XX Vendetta) with cro cop, rampage, and the middleweight championship match.

The Lutter/Silva match-up could be brutal.


UFC 67 is going to make up a good chunk of Ultimate Knockouts 4.


Good point about Rampage and Crocop. I guess what I should have said is I will be heading to the sports bar for this one.

I just watched the Silva Franklin fight again (have it on moxi) and have to say if Silva would have connected with that last elbow he threw they would have been carrying Franklin out of there.

I just don't see Lutter matching up well with him at all although half the fun in watching this sport is the upsets.....


Totally agree.


Totally agree again. I do think Liddell will beat any of the 3, but those are the best fights. I think Bisping is going to be a monster in a bit of time.


Sucks GSP is out. He's had injury problems the last 6 months, as he also had to call off the original date of his rematch with Hughes due to an injury. Perhpas overtraining?

I still think Rashad and Bisping need more seasoning before they face someone the caliber of Liddell. Both are tough and good fighters, but they haven't been established enough to be considered world-class, like someone like Rampage or Ortiz.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jardine getting a shot against Liddell. It'd probably be over in one round, but it'd be real exciting.


I'm a big fan of Jardine and I knew he wold beat Griffin. He's got a lot of heart and charisma, if you watched his post fight interviews he could barely speak because he was so exicted. He also doesn't let odds get him down, because alot of people had picked Griffin to win that fight, even both the announcers who made it all to clear who they thought was better.

He didn't even let the constant chanting of the crowd get him down. Instead, he kept looking for that one shot that would let him open up and he found it. That being said, I'm not totally sure he'd be ready to face Liddell, although for some reason I feel like he'd fare better than Ortiz.


True about them needing more seasoning, but really, unless they're facing each other(Bisping vs Rashad, which I don't want to happen because it would look like many of Rashad's other fights, ie boring as hell) or Jardine or Forrest, there really aren't that many matchups that would challenge them right now. I think it is time to seem just how good Rashad's takedowns are.