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GSP is a Nerd: Awsome



Yes. Just another reason to admire this guy. Hopefully some day he'll be writing training articles.


This is why I've liked him since getting into MMA circa UFC 58, despite him showing little of his personality outside the cage. He's a thinker before an athlete, and it shows in his approach to the game (technique, skill-acquisition, physical prep, nutrition, recovery). That's something to be respected in a sport that was born out of toughman contests.

Georges will more than likely take on a coaching role in the sport once he retires, which hopefully won't be anytime soon.


Dont get any illusions.Top fighters have heavy dose of taht killer instict thing lurking below
civilezed/friendly surface :wink:


It's always good to see intelligent fighters.

The Klitschos are another good example of guys who are very well educated besides being great fighters.


My friends that were bouncers at nightclubs, met GSP. i heard its true. He is just the average nice guy in school who would get picked on. He's kinda like the kid who got beat up at school all the time, so his parents put him in martial arts to defend him self.

He just got good at it.


Aren't they PhD's in what equates to our kin programs?


I can't answer this, but they do have PhDs, speak several languages and are pretty damn good at chess. In fact, I recall Vitali being a big fan of "chess-boxing".

Can you imagine trying to become chess-boxing champion of the world only to realise you will be facing... the actual champion of the world.


holy shit as far as the klitchko's go...thats incredible.

Dolph Lundgren(yes ivan drago) was a sweedish kyokushin team captain but also an engineering masters or phd grad...


I believe it's chemical engineering. I may be shooting from the hip, though.


You are correct. MIT I think.