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GSO for Prop Injection Pain

is this what would be needed hypothetically???

Yes but it doesn’t say that it is filtered or sterile. Usually the filtered stuff is not anymore expensive than none filtered, or at least at those med lad supply sites it is the same cost as none filtered.
As far as it not being sterile, you can put a venting needle through the rubber stopper then bake at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes and that should kill anything that might be living in it.

Really filtering could catch the bacteria if they use a fine enough filter but I wouldn’t rely on guessing that they used a fine enough filter. It’s better to be safe and bake the bottle to kill anything that might be living in it.

The plastic base of regular hypodermic needles should be made out of polypropylene which doesn’t melt until like 320 degrees so you should be good just sticking a regular hypodermic needle in it. When the bottle heats up and the air in it expands that needle let’s it out, otherwise you could potentially be looking at the top shooting off or the entire thing breaking.

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Just filter it. But a .2mu filter on Amazon and then you’ll know for sure. It’ll cost you $8 to have peace of mind.

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It actually does say sterile and filtered on the description… I purchased I’ll still get the filter and bake. But I will show pics when I receive the vial.

Like iron said the .
0.22 um filter it the one you need. The 0.45 um isn’t fine enough to catch all the little living things. The 0.22 filtering could almost be called a form of sterilizing, it is fine enough to catch some of the bacteria. I don’t know if it is fine enough to catch everything though. You typically don’t have to worry about things like viruses because they can’t live long outside of a host.

I don’t think you have to worry about the filter membrane material if you are just filtering oil. However 0.22 um of PVDF, PTFE, MCE, PP should be good. I got that list from another site and that is what was recommended for filtering finished product so if you have a choice then something good for oil suspended hormones should be perfectly fine for just oil. PES filters can be “eaten” by seasame oil, you have GSO but I would avoid PES.
Some of the other materials they make the filters out of can break down when filtering certain materials. Again I don’t think you would have any issues filtering just oil but I figured if you had the recommended list and you had a choice when ordering then knowing what is recommended for finished product would definitely be ok for just oil.

As far a sizes the 4mm filters are only good up to 1ml, the 15mm can filter up to 15ml, and the 25mm can filter up to 100ml. Most likely you will only find the 25mm. I have been doing some research for a while and have yet to find anything other than the 25mm sized syringe filters.

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22 um 25mm. This

That’s the one. I’m pretty sure that .22 is enough to filter out bacterial and viral contaminants. But I’d double check that before taking it as gospel. I’m sure I read that before but never bothered verifying it more than one other place.

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I asked this question just to make sure I didn’t need to filter or heat sterilize this gso. This is what they told me.