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GSLP and Where/When to Move On

M 32, 130kg 5’7. Have been lifting on and off for a few years. I started lifting around 2012 and had no real knowledge of what to do, used a lot of machines & had some results. Last year I decided to lift seriously and followed SL 5x5, I liked the structure (something that was lacking in the past). Saw some good results and moved on to Madcow, enjoyed the routine but third child came along and training for a promotion at work took priority over anything else.

Came back to lifting end of July after much reading decided on GSLP, have really enjoyed the programme and have advanced as follows:

Weight: 147->126 Bench: 20kg-> 72.5kg OHP: 22.5kg-> 60kg Row: 30kg-> 80kg Squat: 25kg-> 152.5kg Deadlift: 30kg-> 120kg

Have thrown in some accessory work (skullcrushers, lateral raises, rear delt raises/rows, upright rows, close grip bench, overhead tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, hammer curls/preacher curls and ez bar curls), among some others. I train triceps on bench day and shoulders on press day after the main work out. AMRAP sets was starting at 15 reps, that has slowly dropped to around 5 reps. Accessory work is 3-4 x 10-20

Am currently on week 15 for Greyskull, have been pleased with the physical results I am seeing so far.

Have read recently on here about OHP issues some people are having. Have deloaded 60 down to 55, beat my previous PR for 55, but have equalled for anything higher. Recently did deload for bench from 72.5 to 65 and am increasing

Any thoughts on moving forward and when should/if should look at changing routine in future.

Diet is fairly good, try to get in a lot of protein from meat/fish, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. A lot of veggies

Did you mistype or are you really 130kg at 5ft 7 inches?

x2 if 286lbs?? get on a program with fatloss as the main goal (also including heavy lifting). Do one of these…