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GSD Problems

 I read this article and thought it would be a good plateau buster. Ive been on the diet for 9 days now and have eating more BCAA's and creatine than I ever have in my life. Still I am flat , suffering feeling like shit, look like shit. Workouts are not tolerable, and my daily disposition is suffering.  I am also taking two HRX daily.

I know I haven't had the refeed day yet , but dont feel that my body is losing fat at any super great rate. Just flattening out.

i am 225 at 14% bf.
BCAA, creatine (yes Biotest brand)
6oz steak, 2 eggs, 1 cup frozen spinach, 3 fish oil one quarter avocado.
BCAA's , creatine , glutamine
BCAA's, creatine glutamine
7oz chicken
1 large salad with feta and 1tbs flax .

10oz salmon
2 cups brocolli
1tbs olive oil

bre bed 2 whole omega eggs,
or creatine , BCAA's, glutamine.

I just dont feel its worth it.

prior to this I was following precision nutrition protocols.
so dont assume ive been eating shitty for awhile.


Your starting bodyfat might be too high for this diet. I have not tried it, but I think it is for going from lean to super-lean. Maybe you might want to take a more gradual approach to get to below 10% and then use the GSD to get super-lean.

It's difficult to tell by just numbers, though...a pic or two might help provide some more objective suggestions. How I respond to low-cals at 14% and how you do could be very different.


hmm I just wanted to use it to get some stubborn areas kick started, like chest fat and stuff. It seems like no matter how much cardio, lactate inteval training I do on a balanced approach I just put mass on. and stay the same. I have to cut out pwo nutrition in favor of BCAAs, I have to limit carbs as well even pwo.

I am trying this diet with the addition of protein powder and some fruit.


Man Its been 14 days, and I still dont feel like my body adapts to this diet. or a LCD, My workout was so friggin laboring, despite a ton of glutamine and BCAAs. I was however happy witht the fat loss. stick it out? or change up?