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G's Training Log - Road to 350, 450, and 500

Hey guys been a long term follower of the forum so felt I could give some people a realistic outlook on strength progress. I’ve been lifting since my teenage years but really only took it seriously in the last year. Since July 2019, I shifted my focus to improving strength in the big 3 to the above numbers (350 bench, 450 squat, 500 deadlift). My current stats and lifts:

5’10" 170
25yrs old

July 19 starting weights:
Bench: 165x10
Squat: 185x1
DL: 225x4

Current Lifts:
Bench: 275x2
Squat: 330x3 (belt, no sleeves)
DL: 290x5 (no belt, no chalk)

Don’t be shy… I know someone wants to tune in. Any guesses for when I’ll reach the the numbers? I’m going to be ambitious and say 6 months or less.

For today’s workout:

Rack Press: 235x2, 225x2 (1 set, 235 was too heavy, cluster format with 15 second rests)
DB Incline: 70x12
Machine Flys: 2 sets
Side Lat Raises w DB: 40x10ish (forced form)
DB RD Raises: 30x14
Tricep Pushdowns: bottom of rack x7

In short… my chest sucks but my shoulders and triceps are very overdeveloped…