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Grunting While Eating

    i just caught myself doing this while eating a big meal and i just realized how disgusting i am compared to the norm when it comes to packing down calories.

my roomie has to deal with constant gas, big belches, shits that smell like asparagus and eggs 3x a day, and slurping chewing and grunting while i eat constantly during the day.

i must be a total freak in his eyes lol, anyone else feel like this sometimes?


LOL! I feel sorry for your roommate. That sounds really disgusting. Even though he hasn't said anything to you, I bet that he'd be extremely annoyed and that he's just holding it in.

You should ramp it up a little bit by ripping out a huge fart at the end of every meal...


When was the last time you had a rabies vaccine? Seriously, grunting while eating?



I still manage to eat like a normal person, even when munching down 4 chicken breasts with rice & vegetables, and following with a protein shake.


Ummm, isn't this something you can control? You wanna get the babes, right? This sort of behavior is not something that will make you a babe magnet.


Lol, my father hums while he eats. I guess he's happy.. I'm sure if he had a tail it would be wagging as well.