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Grunting, Screaming, Noises while training?

What is everyone’s take on breathing, noise or yelling during intense training. Some people say it makes no difference, some people swear by it. I found a little of both was fine.
IE: I just finished the HST (hypertrophy specific training) program from the t-mag site and the first couple of segments I found correct breathing fine, but when I got to the 5RM weeks I found I really had to get psyched up and almost yell to squat the weight up. For the heavy exercises I found it was more efficient, whether all in my head or not, it worked. Opinions, flames, comments please.

When it starts hurting, i start yelling.

I’m a firm believer in “noise-making” while lifting. Yelling,grunting, or whatever + heavy music in my ears just gets me floored, and releases wicked adrenaline rushes while moving the heavy weights.

Breathing is natural. Yelling is okay if it is a maximal set or on the last 1 or 2 reps. However, if you are curling for 8 reps and yell on every one you are either 1) really stupid, 2) on steroids, or 3) both. I usually just make fun of them with my friend and make sure they notice we’re talking about them. I rarely yell before a set but do breathing on heavy sets. During a set is a different story.

There’s a difference between making noises because you are working hard, and putting on a display for the rest of the guys. When I see someone grunting during incline flys, right from the first rep, and he’s using 40s, I am pretty sure he’s full of shit.

If you’re sucking it in, I don’t mind a little niose, but only on your last reps. I’m sick of these 75lb pip squeaks grunting and yelling while using the little pink dumbells for forearm curls. Sometimes my gym sounds like a swingers club. Ugggh, aaah, gggr, ppffff, gggrrrrnnnnt, oooooh yes, and again…

I believe in heavy grunting/yelling if it’s during a set. I think the yelling and pacing about before a set is a cry of “Look at me”, but hey if the weight goes up, more power to um.

There’s nothing quite like that “dut-----dahhhhh!” from a heavy rep. Anything else is just show in my book.

Thank god there are other people out there who do this. I thought for a second I might have been a weirdo, but the f’in people at my gym are just mostly there to friggin pick girls up and lean on equipment in designer tanktops, and the friggin girls take like 30 minutes to put on pre-workout make-up. I brought this thread up, because as I said on the 5 RM’s for squats I was doing 4 and a quarter per side, and on deadlift day, which I added to the program I was doing 5 plates a side for 5RM and let me tell you, they were not going up quietly and people looked at me like I had 2 heads or a nazi armband on or something. So I of course got “the talking to” from management and told them that look I didnt do it all the time and fro the few sets that I do do it then people should be able to put up with it for friggin 5 reps. I mean shit, I was putting up with jerks who bathed in cologne before hitting the floor. But as mentioned above, yeah if you are grunting and yelling on forearm curls and on high reps, then you are just looking for attention.

I think most people do it so that everyone looks at him/her and thinks ‘Wow, look how much weight they are moving’. If you make noise occasionally, that’s one thing, but there are a few guys in my gym who pace and grunt and growl BEFORE they touch the weight and then howl through their entire set. Granted, their necks are bigger than my legs, but they just sound like complete idiots.

I sometimes make some noise during a particularly heavy set of squats or deads, but I had to hold in my laughter when I saw a guy growling and grunting through an entire set of single leg extensions, and another guy yelling at him, “COME ON! COME ON!!!”

Without doubt the biggest fool I have ever come across in a gym for yelling was a Personal Trainer.
He would shout and scream the house down in encouragement, whilst his client(and this I kid you not)was using a recumbant bike.
As a PT myself I was just embarassed.

A little noise is OK. What is the funniest thing is the bencher/spotter bench/upright row combo parter lifts and the upright rower yell c’mon, big chest. Hint, if you spot for me, you will not be necessarily doing anything and I encourage you to shut the F up. I may hiss and slow down, leave your hands off the bar, but keep them close by. I may make noise, a low level hiss through tight lips or noise similar to a grunt, don’t be frightened, after I am done, go back to your Flyes or kickbacks or squat rack supinated barbell cleans and call them curls. I recognize you by the weight you use, seeing it hasn’t changed in years. That or the goofy ass “runnin’ the rack” with curls or explosive back extension/lat pull downs with a buck twenty.

I yell sometimes when I am doing max effort benches, squats and deads or any other max effort movement. The way I see it is if anybody has a problem with me being loud when I am lifting anything over 500lbs they can kiss my ass.

Every set should be done in absolute silence. If you are tough enough, you keep quiet. Total concentration=total silence. I’ve spoken to several people. Now my gym is silent except for the music. Everything is very business-like. Get in, break down muscle, and get out.

I had a lifting partner like you who prefered no noise at all. I noticed that he tended to hold his breath on big lifts. I kept warning him about it until one day the blood vessels in his left eye blew. Nasty looking thing when that happens.

If you are screaming you should be moving some iron.

Know what’s worse…the guy doing the dumbell shoulder press or incline bench with dumbells who has the deep personal need to drop them loudly to the floor at the end of each set. Usually from as high up as he can. Typically the weight is around 30-35Ibs. Funny thing those using 2X-3X that weight have no problems controlling it.

Now when im about to do a set of overhead dumbell extensions with the 120’s i get myself pumped up first. I dont care if people stare or not when i workin 4 reps or less. Usually from the point when i lift it off the floor till i get it over head i sound like im being raped with a wire brush.

I sincerely hope you are joking. If not, I can easily pick apart your entire response. Let me know.

I just have to ask where it is that you workout. I have a freind that has had the “talking to” by gymn management because of the noise he was making on his last heavy lift. 24Hour Fitness sounds just like you described. Where Britney Spears cannot be drowned out by some 265lb gorilla putting up 425lbs because you might interupt the aerobics cadence or something of that nature. Real hard to get big with songs like “I’m not a girl not yet a woman” jamming in the background. Please wife get me a cd player for Christmas.