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Grunt That Just Had Surgery

Good day Mr. Wendler my name is Robert and I am an infantryman in the Army, I discovered your 531 workout from one of our sergeants who is a total hoss and we all look up to him alot. Using your boring but big plan I was able to make my APFT score skyrocketed, and I am now in the best, and strongest shape ive ever been in. My only problem is that I got back from deployment a month ago and just got done having surgery around my tailbone, and the last thing I want to do is get weaker. How can I use 531 to recuperate, and maintain some level of strength? I just got promoted to Specialist and I can’t afford for my PT to suffer, plus my wife is due in a week (she was preggo before I left lol) and in order for me to make points for sergeant I can’t let my conditioning get bad.

I would appreciate any help I looked in your other articles but never saw one that was related. Thank you got your time and for your badass program. Oh also my entire weapins Squad did your program and all are now in the 1000 lbs and up club couldnt help it had to brag on my guys.

Ok so today this is what my rehab schedule looked like.
-1 mile walk with IOTV (Body Armor) on treadmill at 15% incline

  • 531 Bench press, I was able to ise a pillow under my butt so that my tailbone didn’t hurt on the lifts
  • Boring But Big Mil Press 5x10 at 50% of my max it is light enough that it didnt cause pain or loosen the stitching
  • Underhand grip Bb rows 5x10 didnt hurt
  • Bb curl 3x10
  • Triceps pressdown 3x10
  • lat pulldown 3x10 had to go light this strained my lower back and I felt the stitching kinda tug
  • Chins I couldn’t do any chins it pulled the hell out of my stitches
    For my pre workout cocktail I had oxcycodone and creatine lol it helped

The answer to every injury question as it regards to training is always the same thing: train what is trainable. Do what you can and make it work. Good luck with the new kid and enjoy the time.

Sound and simple advice, I appreciate you taking the time to answer, thank you.

Prowler man, buy one and use it it’s the best thing ever I wish I had one when I was in. You can use it for conditioning and for strength while you are healing with little detrimental effect especially if you are having a hard time or are unable to squat Additionally, you can use sled straps or suspension straps (I use my TRX I’ve had forever) and do upper and lower body exercises too.

Yeah craigs fitness center on post has a prowler and ive really been enjoying using it. Takes me back to my football days lol

Knormxxx what do you think of trx? I always see people trying it but it doesnt look useful in my opinion, but my opinion dont mount to much lol

It’s okay for accessory work if you don’t own dumbells. It’s pretty much bullshit especially if you look in he manual that comes with it has like 20 exercises in one session. If you can do 20 different exercises in one sessions there is something wrong with the program. It’s great for the prowler though you can use the d ring to hook up in the front and do anything that the various sled straps can do including attaching it into your ankles for lower drags. I can also put my belt through it and do drags that way. Needless to say if I had this thing 10 years ago my PT score would have been maxed out and I wouldn’t have gotten as many injuries.