Grumpy Old Lifters

 You know when some folks show up at the gym they come in, already in their gym clothes, and ready to workout and B.S..  These are the younger guys, the buck who move lots of weight and seem to live in the gym.

 Then in walks an older looking fellow, dressed in what would be termed, ?business casual? clothing.  He signs in, gives a quick greeting to the person at the desk, then heads to the locker room with their gym bag.  

 When the young buck goes into the locker room they use the rest room, maybe take in some pre-workout drink, and heads out to the gym floor.

 The older person finds a locker, sits down, and begins changing.  Not just clothing is changed, but the attitude is too.  In the process the mature, older person morphs into a new being.  Not unlike the hero in an action movie getting ready for battle.  This older person changes into a ?Master Lifter.? 

 Now the two lifters are on somewhat of an even keel.  Maybe not in terms of weight moved, but in terms of attitude, and sometimes even work ethic, they are the same.   In all honesty, many times the master lifter will outwork the younger lifter.  

 This older lifter has experience, attitude, a work ethic born of being in the workplace for years, and is many times in better condition.  The condition thing is because the master lifter has matured and due to developing medical conditions sometimes takes better care of themselves.  They do more cardio work, or as the new term is GPP.  They tend to watch what they eat and drink.  Big thing they learn to listen to their bodies.  

 Recently I attended a state meet that had all classes of lifters.  The best technique lifting was done by the masters.  Not to mention one of the most gut wrenching squats I have ever seen done, it was done by a 64 year old man.  He fought that weight up and made it, and he was almost an inch below parallel.  

 Let?s go through one of my workouts.  I am well into the Master?s ranks, being 55 and my training partner is 38, a pup.  We emerge onto the gym floor for a bench press extravaganza.  We do the same weights in this but I go first.  So we warm up with the bar for a dozen reps, then stretch.  My stretching is more than his.  Then to a set of ten reps with 135 lbs. and again we stretch.  Now we get serious with this stuff.  I do a set of 8 reps with 205, and he does the same.  I then crank it up to 235 lbs for another set of 8.  My set goes smoothly, even breathing and control.  His last 2 reps he huffs and puffs.  Then to 260 lbs. and another set of 8.  This time I again do mine with breathing control, and control of the weight.  He gets 3 reps done, is huffing and puffing for the next 2 reps, I pull the next one off him and call him a female name.  Then he takes a 10 second break and fights up 2 reps with terrible breathing and ask him if he needs a walker.

 Now right there age has taught me that breathing is not just for living, but it can help your lifting.  I am in better condition than he is.

 Then we do floor presses, sets of 5.  First set no problem for either of us.  Second set again no problems, then the last set.  Again he huffs and puffs, but gets it out.  Then to reward him I offer to take him to look at Hover Rounds.

 In short I out worked him, and drove him nuts with it.  

 I grumble at him, insult him, and have been told I am meaner than his Marine Drill Instructor was.  Brings a tear to my old bifocal wearing eye.  

 We have several other Masters lifters in the gym and guess what?  We are all like that.  Kind of makes you wonder why younger guys train with us.  It is because they realize that they can learn from us.

Remember the dog might be old, but he will still bite.

Hell yes!

great post.

that ll put me in my place. i will have to console myslef with an 18 byear old!

Ok, am I gathering correctly that you PL? And you do sets of 8? Hmm?

[quote]Olympiclfter wrote:
Ok, am I gathering correctly that you PL? And you do sets of 8? Hmm?[/quote]

Yup, and even do cardio. Hey it can be fun and the pump you get wows the nookie girls.

[quote]miniross wrote:
great post.

that ll put me in my place. i will have to console myslef with an 18 byear old! [/quote]

Depends on the 18 yr old, nyuck nyuck nyuck.