grrrr the Bear

Hello everyone…
I would just like to say OUCH and thank you for posting that article called Bear Season. My trainer and good friend said I should try this. So ok, I grab the bar and begin. Yes just the bar, I’m not a beast…yet. Anyway I get through about 5 reps and and put the bar down to recover for my next set…and that’s when it hit me!! OUCH!! You can really feel this exercise all over. I’m actually thinking about throwing this in as a warmup on certain days. I recommend giving it a shot. Thanks Cliff for recommending it!!
Oh an update on EDT…I gave this a shot not to long ago hoping that it’s guarantee of size would pay off. Well it didn’t , however with a little fine tuning I think it could!! So I changed out a couple of the exercises,ie; skull crushers to the overhead tricep extension on the pulley, and low arm curls to standing cambridge, yadda yadda yadda, you get the point, anyway I will be trying a new cycle soon with the tweeks. Wish me luck and I’ll pop up the results!!
Bye for now…
Soon to be a T-Vixen

The Bear is a kick ass routine. A friend of mine showed it to me a few months ago and I was hurting–much more so during the workout then afterward.

Regarding EDT, I like the program a lot. I switched many exercises, but more for convenience (equip. close in the gym). I kept in mind the guidelines when doing so. THe main thing is to make sure the total number of reps for a given exercise increases each week. I think if this isn’t happening, then the adaptation (growth) can’t occur.

Stay well.