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growth waiting to happen

Is there such thing as growth waiting to happen. Such as a trainee overtrains for three months, while he was doing this hiw body was ready to grow muscularly but he was overtraining so it didnt happen. Or if a trainee doesnt get enough protein in their system, but then gets an ample amount, will the body make up for the past when he didnt have enough proetin to build muscle. I know it may soundfusing but I wanted some clarification on this.

I have also wondered if this is possible, because we all know that you cant put on a set amount of muscle, ie. i eat 500 cals above maintnence, a day, I should put on a lb of muscle a week etc, but thats not the way it works, its just seems that all of a sudden, overnight, we are 5 or 6 lbs heavier, and stonger.

Yes there is such an idea. It’s called the Delayed Training Affect. It means that strength gains will come before hypertrophy. Since growth takes place during recovery, an overtrained person would grow once they gave their body the opportunity to grow.