Growth Surge

A week ago I posted that I couldn’t get enough carbs. Let me explain what I meant. Following the P+C and P+F eating style, it was impossible to eat enough times a day to get enough Carbs or enough Fat in a day. But I disregarded that style for the time being and everything is in check. Here’s my question though, how many calories can one consume in a meal without overdoing it? Some of my meals have 100g Carbs, 40g Protein, and 20g Fat (good fat) for a total of 740 calories. Is that too many for one sitting.

Since everybody’s caloric intake varies on their activity level, weight, body fat, etc. I can’t tell you how many calories to eat. However, if you take the total calories that you need to eat for the day and divide that number by like 6 or 7 (amount of times you should eat a day) you should get you total caloric intake per meal.
According to Berardi’s “Massive Eating” article and formulas, I need to eat 4,630 calories a day when bulking. If I eat 6 times a day that is 772 calories a meal.