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Growth Surge Without Androgens

I’ve done Growth Surge while on MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC and I realy enjoyed the two a day workouts. I found they worked into my schedule very well. Is there any way to do Growth Surge Phase 2 without androgens and not become overtrained or burn out? is there any modifications I should make to the program or the proscribed diet to make it more frendly to an androgenless program?


I was in the same position as you. I had done it on MAG-10 and was thinking of redoing it again w/o. I’d have to say that you definitely run the risk of overtraining. I’d be interested to see if anyone else tried it, but I am under the impression that MAG-10 is necessary for it because w/o you are much more prone to overtrain.

I wonder if anyone has tried it. I know a lot of people favor QD over Growth Surge

Now that the new Alpha Male is out i’m going to bump this back up to the top in hopes of getting some replies.