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Growth Surge w/ 4AD

Has anyone ever done the Growth Surge Project with 4AD? How were the results? What caloric intake did you use?

I’m kind of leary of using mag-10, for both budget and health reasons (only 20). I’ve been using other biotest products (surge, grow mrp/bars) with great success. I’m just looking for a little boost.

Also, will Methoxy be beneficial during phase 3 instead of tribex/m?


I’ve done GS with 4-AD-EC. Honestly, my results were fully comparable to my MAG-10 cycle.

I took in about 4000-4200 cals per day. (Maintenance for me is about 3000.)

While you can take Methoxy during Phase 3, DO NOT neglect the Tribex/M.

Let us know what kind of results you get.