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Growth Surge Support Group

We already have a Mag-10 support group, so I think we need a post to bounce around our experiences on the Growth Surge workout plan. How is everyone doing so far? Personally, I’m on stage one. I’ve virtually never done cardio in the past, being the ectomorph body type, and am finding it quite draining on my energy levels and ability to recover from my workouts (especially leg workouts). Maybe this is compounded because of eating a few hundred calories less than maintenance (which I’m also not used to). I’ve got two workouts left, then will take a couple days off and start the second part of the program. Hopefully my Mag-10 will arrive in time. Currently, I weigh 170 at 5’9. Will post results after two weeks of Mag-10.
Any comments?

That’s surprising. Really you should be going into Phase II refreshed and ready to go. That’s the idea behind phase one. Maybe you need to back off even more or if that’s too late, take an extra rest day before you start the tough phase.

Will definately be taking a few extra days off and starting to bump up the calories between the two stages. Taking my flax and salmon oil but can’t afford surge. Will use glutamine too to help with overtraining.

This is my second day on Mag10 and second day on the surge eating. I’m getting off on all the food. I have to do 4900 cals a day. At around six o’clock pm stomach felt like it would split my skin. Now at eleven oclock I feel pretty normal except there’s a little buzz all through my body and I’m feeling a little slow.

The mag 10 is super. WHAT A PUMP!!! And I still have it. I was reading that someone wondered if they could still use caffien while on mag. I don't need it and I used to always drink coffee or do fat burners before a workout. Mag 10 gives me all the energy I need. I'll keep you posted

I’d love to hear if anyone has any suggestions about gas. Problem is i’m at 480 grams of protein a day, I space the meals out as evenly as I can. I take Bromelain with each meal, about 500mg, but I still get gas, particularly at night time (I end up keeping myself up all night heh). So if you have any suggestions for getting rid of it, I’d love to hear them! or see them that is!

To subhuman:I’m at about 410g of protein a day and gas isn’t a problem. I don’t think the protein is a problem,although you might be lactose intolerant, so milk and cottage cheese could be causing distress.
My first thought however is that your gas may be caused by some of the carbohydrates you eat.
Broccoli, Cauliflower,beans, bell peppers and even corn can cause a problem.
If you eat a lot of high fiber in the morning
it’s a good idea to drink a lot of water with it-this keeps the gas from fiber to a minimum.
You might also take a little yogurt in the morning to help with the cultures in the digestive tract. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Bro, get some Gas-X from your local pharmacy. Works great to get rid of gas and bloating. Drink peppermint tea. What type of protien powder are you using?

I see there is already a dave, so I will start using my old Navy nickname. I jumped into Phase II w’out phase I and the first few days are tough, but not too bad. The Mag10 really helps, as well. Turned the corner this morning, that is, I finished the w/out sweaty and pumped, but wanting more. thsi has to be the Mag10, as it was (for me at least) a pretty tough workout.

Thanks guys.
The thing is, i eat the same as always, only difference is higher ratios. I also take N-large vanilla flavoured post workout(Think it may have some milk ingredients in it, tastes like milk powder), Can’t afford SURGE. And well I’ve always done well without SURGE, so i doubt it’s needed. I might give that Gas-X product a try. It seems that I usually get the gas right after eating chicken… but i’ll have to see if that’s true.
And yes unfortunately I can’t eat any dairy products, seems I get an allergic reaction from it and get acne. Ever since I started taking N-large i’ve been getting some pimples coming out, so i’m wondering if it has milk products in it, of course they wouldn’t write it in the ingredients cuz they are bastards! heh

Oh yah clobro, forgot to mention the protein powder I use. Besides N-large, I also use Pro Blend 55 cappucino flavour (It’s awesome when mixed with Udo’s choice oil). It’s never given me any problems, the only thing new in my diet is the N-large.

Currently Im doing phase one, when do I bump up the calories for phase two, sat or sun before wo #1 or not? Also i dont have a low pulley row, what is a good exercise in its place, I could just duplicate the exercise with those westside bands.
Finally if on multiple sets of pullups, you cant still get the full ten reps, can we do forced reps.

Currently Im doing phase one, when do I bump up the calories for
phase two, sat or sun before wo #1 or not?


Also i dont have a low
pulley row, what is a good exercise in its place, I could just duplicate
the exercise with those westside bands.


Finally if on multiple sets of
pullups, you cant still get the full ten reps, can we do forced reps.


Through trial and error, I’ve found I get the best muscle-fat ratio with 50carb-35pro-15fat ratio. When doing doing stage 2, I will have to train before work, which leaves me only one meal before my workout. In your opinion, what would be the best thing to eat? I’m afraid if I don’t eat some carbs, I will be flat and tired, which is almost allways the case.

VCreed- I don’t think weight training in a fasted state is a good idea either, so if I’m forced to train early in the morning I try to get some fast liquid food in me. For me that means Advanced Protein blended with cooked or raw oatmeal (tastes better than it sounds.) An MRP or half an MRP would work too.

If using Surge during training, I’d wake up and get some protein ASAP and skip the oatmeal or other carb source. Then I’d use Surge before/during/after training.

I’m on day 1 of Growth Surge Pt. 2. Having a hard time finding different foods and good carbs, to add to my diet plan. I find I’m eating mostly MRPs, Cottege Cheese, Oatmeal, a bannana with breakfast, and one (healthy) microwave meal a day. I live at college and have NO money or access to good food. Any suggestions?

Subhuman, i also use N large2. it used to give me gas too. it doesn’t anymore b/c i chew EVERY gulp before i swallow it. there was an article T-mag did on this (can’t remember the name). anyway, the suggestion was to chew everytime you drink a protein shake, or MRP before swallowing it to get your digestive system going. the article also claimed that this will allow more protein to be used by the body and not discarded (i.e. nasty gas). it has worked like a charm for me!! give it a try before you waste your $$ on gas-x and similiar products.

Yah i’m starting to chew now, it’s just keeping this nasty shake in my mouth that’s a problem. N-large ain’t exactly tasty hehe. Which is a shame considering how much sugar is in it.