Growth Surge supplementation

I just ordered a boatload of goodies, probably enough for 3 growth surge cycles - 3 bottles ZMA, 3/methoxy, 3/androsol, 3/mag-10, 3/tribulus. I was wondering - what would be the best way to cycle these supplements? would it be useful and/or safe to use androsol and mag-10 during phase 2? im using zma and tribulus right now for phase 1 - i figured id go androsol and mag-10 for the supposedly torturous phase 2 where it sounds like ill turn into a blimp, and then go back to tribex and zma, plus the methoxy, to enhance the "cutting element of phase 3. Any suggestions?

Well, I’d first suggest you simply follow the guidelines the articles give you. Basically, you’ll use Surge in Stage I, MAG-10 or Androsol (not both) in Stage II and Methoxy/Tribex in Stage III. ZMA can be taken throughout if you want. (I haven’t missed a day of ZMA in two years.)

Some people are thinking of doing MAG-10 in both Stages II and III but that’s experimental right now. If you do that, then you’ll need Tribex after that. And BTW, Stage III is not a “diet” really. The cals are lower than Stage II but you’ll still be eating massively to help you retain the new muscle.