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Growth Surge questions

Having been quite diasppointed by several programmes that I
previously followed and having some degree of success with
Massive Eating, I have decided to start the Growth Surge

I have just completed the initial two-week resting period.
Before I move on with the two intense weeks, I have three
burning questions:

- It is most often reccommended to have a slow-releasing carb meal [e.g. oatmeal/rye flakes + protein powder] prior to a workout, a simple carb + protein mean immediately after a workout, and another protein + complex carb meal 1 to 2 hours after a workout. Usually I increase the number of protein + fat meals throughout the rest of the day to make up for high amount of carbs and low amounts of fat eated around the workout time. With two workouts a day, it seems like I will have little time for protein + fat meals. How do you get around this problem, so that a Massive Eating plan is maintained despite a need to fest on carbs around the two workouts ???

  • What is a GOOD MORNING exercise ? Nobody here in UK has
    any idea !!!

  • I have all my food, proteins, creatine, and MAG 10 ready.
    Before I begin, I’d once again like to know what are the
    possible consequences of a 2-week MAG10 cycle? Given
    that I use TRIBEX 500 as reccommended, will there be any
    long-term effects ? I am 23, and weigh 81kgs. I’d like to
    get up to 85 at the least.

I hope that some of you guys can give me some help here.

Do a search for the “Mag-10 Support Group” and “New Mag-10 Support Group” threads. There was a mix-up in posting that Massive Eating should be used while “on.” Bill has recommended on more than one occasion to ignore the Massive Eating idea of combining foods in order to get plenty of carbs and protein in (plus some healthy fats). With a good morning, position the bar as you would for a back squat, but bend forward at the hips instead of the knees. You’ll feel it in your hamstrings if you do it right (you can even try them seated). I assume that by “consequences,” you mean gains. Provided that your diet is sound, you should be very pleased.