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Growth Surge Question

Quick question on Phase two of the Growth Surge program. On leg day it calls for deads/gm’s and squats in the evening session. Have any of you had problems performing squats/deads on the same day? I’ve tried this on two separate occasions and incurred an injury both times, albeit I did them in the same session as opposed to two workouts. Can splitting them up morn/evening make a difference in this? Otherwise how can I get around this and incorporate both lifts? I thought about power or hang cleans in place of deads as I’ve done both of these w. no problems.

I’ve never been able to do deads and squats in the same workout (unless I was using squats to warm up). Sorry.

I’m also starting GSP next week (no supplements other than Tribex). Any pointers or observations would be really appreciated from anyone.

The only way I could get through double sessions that way was to train hams in the morning and then shorten the range of motion on squats (parallel at most) at night. My glutes and hams were already totally fried anyway.

i’m on stage 2 also and i did the program as specified. my lower back was more sore than it has ever been in my life though i think. tomorrow is my 2nd leg workout so i will see how it goes since my back is still pretty sore. i think it was the good mornings that did it for me more than the deads though. i went all the way down on them so that really worked my back. as far as splitting it up into two sessions, yes that DEFINATELY makes a difference. that is why on the “regular guy” training schedule they don’t include them in the same workout. the 8 hour break or however long you take between workouts gives your muscles time to become unfatiqued. they don’t really recover in that short of time, but they can get replenished with glycogen, and recover enough to let you do another workout with full energy.