Growth Surge question for Chris Shugart

Are we to take Mag-10 through all three stages of the Growth Surge regimine? or just the intense middle stage?

We are currently recommending MAG-10 (or Androsol if that’s what you prefer) in Stage II. One could use it more than that, but optimally Stage II is where it will be most effective. For those that want to use it more than two weeks (Phase II), then it’s better to use it during Stage III rather than Stage One.

Thanks for the info.

hey chris, i dont know if you have allready posted this, but could you give us some info on the other supplements recommended for phases 2 and 3. i was getting ready to place another order and just wanted to make sure i am buying everything i need. if we take mag 10 in phase 2 and plan on repeating the program 2 more times with a bottle of mag10 each time in phase 2, should we take tribex and methoxy in stages 1 and 3? what about creatine, is that going to be taken all of the stages? thanks.

Since Stage III is all about “solidifying” the new muscle you’ll get from Stage II, then yes, we are recommending Methoxy-7 in Stage III. Now, as I understand it, you don’t have to take Tribex after a 2 week MAG-10 cycle as long as you stay off for a good while. If you’re planning on not being off long, then yes, I’d use Tribex after/between each MAG-10 cycle and may also add in "M’ when available or vitex alone. Sorry, I know that’s vague but these are uncharted waters as far as MAG-10 and “M” are concerned.

Surge or a similar post-workout drink and creatine are used in all three stages. I would personally use Tribex in Stage III as well. (I like to be “on” something all the time.) I would recommend a low carb protein powder for the sake of versatility and convenience but that’s up to you. Maybe you can cook better than me!

BTW, we are probably going to run the articles sooner than needed so people will have time to prepare for each stage. So Stage II may appear this Friday although those who’ve already started the program won’t need it yet.

Chris, for future cycles of the GS project after our virgin will they only be 4 weeks with the recovery being the prep for the next growth stage or will they remain at 6?

Dave- 6. You’ll see why once you see all three stages laid out. I and III are very different.

although this isnt the only way to go, this could turn out to be a real good program. Wave progression is afterall a much more “real” model than linear progression…

Interesting comment DMan…would you care to expand…not arguing…genuinely interested…Mike


When is M coming out? Thanks Brotha. :slight_smile:

nkeago- I really don’t know when M is coming out. Sorry.

Thanks Chris. Come to think of it when is Mag-10 shipping? :slight_smile:

Chris I was wondering how your pre and post workout nutrition needs would increase while on MAG 10. How will the current numbers change on a basis of body weight?

Nkeago- I was told that MAG-10 would be ready by the time people started Stage II (assuming they started Stage I this week.) If something happens where you don’t have your MAG-10 yet and you’re ready for Stage II then I’d suggest staying on Stage I until it arrives. Hopefully that won’t be necessary though. Whether you pre-ordered or not may make a difference too.

Sub- I’m not going to change mine much at all, although I have heard about people taking a full dose of Surge before training and a full dose after when on androgens. That can get pricey though.

I do suggest getting a lot of carbs while on MAG-10 or any other androgen. This is based on the advice of Bill Roberts. So if using Massive Eating, I’d get more P+C meals than you normally would on this diet. When experimenting with this plan, I used Androsol and ate oatmeal mixed with Advanced Protein three times a day on top of my other meals.

The calorie formulas at the end of each stage should take care of the bodyweight differences.