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Growth Surge Project

i did some searching and did not come up with much… has anyone tried this project? what were your gains? what would we change now that its a couple of years later? im doing my own workouts now but i think ill try one of cws or cts pretty soon if the feedback on this is poor. just looking for suggestions/alternatives, as always thanks for the input.

maybe even a hybrid with some sort of band training since i have some now. band training is saweet.

The growth surge project was pretty good, thou when i did it I had to adjust it so it was once a day at the gym. I am not sure who can get to the gym 2 times a day if its not their job (ie. Bodybuilder)

I had good results, but I feel I did get a little over training cause I did not use the MAG-10 with it. But I really liked the “triple strips” and the moverments they suggets them for. I have taken that part of the GSP and added it to the TBT as a 3rd week factor. I will let you know how that goes. My suggestion would be to try the TBT, it worked better than GSP, well for me anyway.

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