Growth Surge Project!

Hey guys…is it possible to do the growth surge project twice daily workout without the help of MAG10? A friend of mine was going through my MAG10 info sheet and he said he wants to try doing the workouts without the MAG10. I told him he could give it a shot but I have no idea how that would effect caloric intake and such.

He is 24, 6’1" pretty lean like 13%-12% range @249lbs he just wants to get “really ripped” and doesn’t want to mess with ph/ps. Basically he likes to do things the hard way and bust his balls. Not that there is anything wrong with that I just am not sure if he will recover from that brutal of a workout without a little “help”. What do you guys think?

I would say it would be ok until he is working out very sore muscles. At that point I would stop and try something else.

Surely you could, it would just take a lot more effort on y’alls part. Icing REALLY helps to relieve muscle soreness, as well as good nutrition, and having a solid mineral/vitamin level. Constrast showers, and if massages, if you all are like that. I’d also say creatine would be good.

Tell him to give it a go. He will just want to listen to his body and not overtrain. With plenty of food and rest it should be very doable and give great results.


I did the GSP a year ago with great results. i gained a HELLUVA lot of lean mass while putting on a very small amount of fat, however i used andrsol for this, which proved to be very useful. I still put on fat using androsol and i would definately say that if he wanted to do everything properly, and eat big like u r suppose to on this program, then he will put on a lot of fat without any help. there is a one workout a day program they suggest in phase 2 that would probably be a lot better so u could probably eat less but still see some good gains.