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Growth Surge Project

I’m thinking about switching things up and trying the Growth Surge Project. For those who don’t know about it, I’d be doing twice a day workouts five days per week. The thing that gets me is the recommended eating plan. I’m supposed to eat 5500 calories per day. I’m not supposed to do any cardio, but I’m thinking of doing light cardio twice a week on the days off, nothing too intense.

I would be taking M1T, creatine, multivitamin, various antioxidants post workouts.

I’m wondering if anyone else has done this program. Sounds like a good plan, but wondering what some other people’s results have been. Would you tweak the program/nutrition any? Thanks.


Do it. Eat clean, train like there’s no tomorrow, take the Mag-10 (double dose if you can afford it).

You’ll be glad. Swear.

I did the Growth Surge Project last year and gained 25 lbs (17 of that lbm). I’m currently giving it another go (4th week) and have only gained 9 lbs BUT added M1T to this cycle and the most noticeable difference is that my pants actually went down a size (as opposed to last year when it went up 3 sizes).

P.S. Definitely follow the calorie guideline. I’m a small guy and my calories are just over 5000. The program works!


I for one found the K/cal intake to high for me so I had to adjust it a bit, but that is an individual thing everyone has to find out.

The light cardio shouldnt hurt. It might even help with recovery, just keep it light.

The training sessions are two a day but short. Make sure to enter the GYM on fire. MAD, Ready to kill the weights. Do a short very intense w/o then leave. You will get great results I am sure.

Hope this helps.


It’s great to go along with a PH cycle and some Tribex. Yes, you might gain a little extra flab but nothing too disasterous.

I just got done doing it. I used Mag10 while I was dieting. HOwever, keep in mind that I started working out again at around 30% BF. What I noticed is that I kept my same hypocaloric ddiet, so my belt and my pants dropped size quickly. And My scale weight went up 5 lbs.

I have no idea what the muscle gain was. I would have gained more but I got injured on the last 3 days of training. So I didn’t finish it. I needed to rest.

Definately do the 2 a days. You’ll be glad you are only doing it for 2 weeks. I was so sick of coming in the gym to work out. Now I’m back to my 4 day routine.

Good program, give it a shot, however, you might not need to eat as much as they recommend.

I have done the once a day and twice a day versions. My gains on twice a day were noticeably better. Eat a lot, train hard, sleep well and use Mag-10. Push yourself in the gym.

This program definitely works.

Do the double dose of Mag 10. It won’t disssapoint.

Eat clean!

A buddy of mine was going through the info sheet that came with my MAG-10 and he asked me if it was possible to do the two a day workouts but not use MAG-10. I told him he could but I am really not sure what his caloric needs would be or even if he could last the two weeks w/o some sort of “help”. What do you guys think?