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Growth Surge Project

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if any of you had done the “Growth Surge Project” training/diet program. I got back into a workout routine yesterday following the guidelines of the Growth Surge Project. My goal is to gain weight, muscle mass, and strength.

I’m 20 yrs old and only about 135lbs and I want to start working out again so I can gain some muscle mass. Any kind of feedback on personal results with this program or any general advice would be much appreciated.

Also, what kind of supplements would you recommend I take if continuing with this program? Thanks for all your help.


Supplements? I would recommend what I recommended when Berardi and I wrote the article.

Okay, that was being a smartass.

At your age and training level, you probably don’t even need something like the Growth Surge program or many of the supplement suggestions made in the article.

If you’re not lifting, start. If you’re not eating enough or eating right, start. If you’re not keeping a food log, start. In other words, no need to get complex yet - with workout, nutrition or supplementation.

If you’re doing nothing, then anything will get you on the right path.

(That’s it. I’m going into the fortune cookie writing biz.)

Well, I’ll add in my two cents, which is (a) that Shugart is right about the “start training” stuff, and (b) that there is a ton of feedback on the GSP on the forums already. All you have to do is use that little search box over there on the left.

Thanks for the replies. I’m definitely planning on doing “something” as I have done nothing in a long time. I might just try to get into a regular 3-days-a-week workout routine since I haven’t worked out in so long.

If I’m planning on a different workout routine than the GSP, do you think I should take any supplements. I was thinking maybe some whey protein or something.

Anyways I’m just trying to bulk up so i’m not a skinny little bastard anymore. I might just try to look for a workout routine in the FAQ section and drink some protein shakes. What do y’all think?

Focus on the big basics when lifting. Plenty of T-mag articles to guide you there. No need for anything fancy. The “Beginner’s Blast Off Program” may be a place to start, but work in deadlifts and squats ASAP.

Focus on diet before supplements. Keep a food log. See the article called “The Missing Ingredient” to learn how.

If you need help reaching your protein goals, get a protein powder with a blend of proteins like Grow!. That’s all I’d worry about for now supplement-wise. The rest of your focus should be on food. Read the “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid” article for some general ideas.

Another good one is “The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs”.

If you can’t tell, I write most of the newbie articles. Go print them out. Don’t post again until you’ve read them all, then we’ll be glad to help out more.

(Who knows the current search engine sucks and is being helpful to newbs to make up for it, but who will also charbroil their asses once the new and improved search engine goes up and he finds out they’re not using it.)