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Growth surge project

Hi folks, I’m about to start the growth surge project. I’ve always let myself down with my nutrition so its no surprise that this part of the project is giving me some grief!
So I can work out how many calories to eat each day but how much protein per day should I be taking per stage?
Do I alternate the meal combinations ie meal 1 – P+C, meal 2- P+F, meal 3- P+C, meal 4-P+F… and so on??
Any tips will be appreciated.

Few questions for you -

Are you using MAG-10 or other androgens during Phase 2?

Have you read the "Essential Berardi" article in issue 199. That should help to show you when to eat P&F meals and P&C meals.

In general, you should eat P&C meals for breakfast and post-workout. P&F meals fill in the gaps and great for pre-bed.

If you are taking MAG-10, you should make sure to eat almost all P&C meals. Read the MAG-10 plan for success and make sure to try to eat 400g protein and 500g carbs and take in some good fats.

Give me more details and I'll try to help you further.

Thanks Jason,
I’ve not read that article, but will now for sure.I’m new here so not quite found everything yet. Due to money restrictions I wont be using Mag-10. Planning on supplementing with Protien powder, creatine, Surge, and the vitamins and fish oils recommended.
About to start phase 1 in 5 days. Im in the process of doing the calculation to determin calories then a trip to the grocery store!
400 grams of protien seems HUGE to me! I normally take 200 per day (so thats why I’m small!). If thats what is required then no problemo! thats what I’ll do.
cheers bud.

Definately make sure that you read that article. The 400g Pro, 500g Carb recomendation is only if you are going to be on MAG-10. Since you won’t be using MAG-10, you’ll need to not add the extra 15% to your calories in phase 2 and you might need to drop phase 3 calories just a bit. You should be fine in phase 1. Make sure to follow some of the links from the Essential Berardi article and also read Massive Eating part 1 and 2. Good luck, let me know if you have other questions.