Growth Surge Project: With Supersets?


Does anyone tried this program but with supersets in order to maximize growth and to speed up the workout time?

The thing is, I was wondering if it is possible to run supersets for the same bodyparts as the program been designed?

i.e. Morning A :

A1 - T-BAR ROWS 3 x 6 reps 60sec rest
A2 - Chin-ups 3 x 10 reps 60sec rest

Any insight and help would be really appreciated.


Generally the superset schemes I see fall into category of agonist/antagonist (chest/back), pre-exhaustion (chest-triceps or back-biceps), or unrelated but compound exercises, generally for metabolic work (squat/military press).

That said, it’s more like a burnout, rest-pause, or giant set technique…Although T-bar and chin-ups do work different motions, so that particularly may be worth a try. I have liked in the past running close grip chins with incline bench curls or hamstring curls with straight leg bench, the principle being to change the intramuscular location of where the exercise hits. I’d think of that as a preexhaustion technique.

Very interesting point. Thanks for the info.

Consequently, from your knowledge and experience, do you think its possible to include supersets in this program?

I guess by modifying the body parts targeted each day and set up antagonists supersets?

thanks for help.

Man Id say this program is hard where its supposed to be hard already and easy where its supposed to be easy(er) Id actually Not change it ( the first time you do it especially)