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Growth Surge Project Once vs. Twice a day

Has anyone tried phase 2 of the Growth Surge Project with both the twice a day and once daily training protocols? Which do you feel was more effective for you? If no one has tried both, I’m also interested to hear some feedback from people who tried the 2-a-days (also please indicate whether or not MAG-10 was a part of the equation). I ask because I start phase 2 on monday, but I’m slightly worried about overtraining with twice daily sessions. I’m just trying to ensure that I get the most out of my MAG-10.

i tried both with mag10 and didn’t notice too much of a difference. i think i might have gained 2 pounds more with the 2 a day, but i dont know if that was because of the training or because it was my first time taking mag10. if overtraining is the only thing keeping you from doing the 2 a days i wouldnt worry about it. if your only doing it for 2 weeks you won’t overtrain with the mag10.

I too was worried about doing twice-a-day sessions before I began, but I ended up fucking loving it. In fact, I was loathe to go back to normal once-a-day training when my Mag-10 cycles were over. I did two-a-days twice, both times in conjunction with two-week MAG-10 cycles, and the results were astounding. As long as your diet is 100% dialed in, I say go for it.

I’ve done both, and recommend that you do the twice-a-day program if possible. With once a day I gained a bit more fat, even after making allowances for the lower caloric expenditure. Twice-a-day rocks, it’s only for two weeks, and if I didn’t overtrain (I’m 40 and an ectomorph) you probably won’t either. Good luck!

I tried 2 a day, with 2 doses of MAG-10 per day. I only completed 1, three day cycle of two- a- day training and spent the next week on my ass with exhaustion! I’ve read a few other posts who say they had a similar result. I don’t think its anything to do with MAG-10 or the GS program, just that some people can overtrain their CNS more easily than others.

I’m in the 2 a day corner, with or without Mag10. When I have the time, I enjoy the 2 a day training and think results of 2 a days are always better - physically and mentally. Of course, when I’m training twice a day, the sessions are always shorter (sometimes just 20 minutes). You have to listen to your body and back off too if your CNS is getting beat down too much. Also, my job is usually sedentary, and I beleive people were meant to be active, in motion, and not sit on their ass all day, so I try to shoot for more than one training session a day as I don’t get much physical activity at work. You have to look at the big picture and consider all variables (such as activity level and stress) when assessing overtraining - which is of course why opinions will differ on the subject.

I tried both and made better gains on twice a day. I was pretty tired by the end of second week though.

I did twice a day with nothing but 4 caps of Tribex and gads of food. I gained four pounds by the end of the two weeks. BUT, I felt beat up for weeks afterward. I never did get back to my old strength levels.

It thought I was a “hard gainer”… I have tried everything… Creatine, clutamine, mass caloric intake, and nothing worked. I am a runner, 6’4", and I was 167lbs with 11% BF. I did the 2 a day workouts while on my first mag-10 cycle and I gained 13 lbs! (11lbs muscle!) I just made sure I took 2-3 minutes between each set, and consumed mass protien and calories everyday. Yes, it is hard, but it is well worth it. It does give you those two windows for anabolic growth after each workout. That, and it is only a 2week cycle. You do feel tire afer the two weeks, but I took 2 days rest, and I felt GREAT! I hit the gym with my Tribex and Methoxy 7 and I was lifting just as much as I was on the Mag-10. I say suck it up for two weeks, BUST YOUR ASS, take your Mag-10 and Surge(after each workout), make sure you are getting MASS amounts of protien, and eat like a mo-fo. You will love yourself for it later!

Thanks to all who replied. Looks like I’ll be dragging my ass out of bed early on monday for session 1 of 2, and I have to say I’m looking forward to it. Zev- how much time did you put between your cycles of 2-a-days, and how did you train during that time? (GSP phase 3?)