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Growth Surge Project 1, 2, & 3

Havent heard anyone mention the Growth Surge Project lately. I’ve never attempted it but was wondering how well its worked for people and what they liked/disliked about it? Especially curious about the results people got WITHOUT Mag10 as i cant get it where i live.

I am on my 6th week, and results are great. I have put on approx. 20 lbs, but i am using the Mag-10. I work out at lunch and after work and eat everything in site. With out Mag-10 i still think the result would be pretty good, maybe not 20 lbs worth.

Can’t you order Mag-10 online? Just wondering why you can not get it.

God i wish i could get my hands on Mag10… I live in Australia however and the laws here eat dick in a major way.

Even if there was a way of getting it over here, our currency sucks and i'd have to pay almost double the amount. We're around half the US dollar... Boo Hoo :(

Sorry to hear that, I always thought Australia was pretty laid back country. Are all supplements banded or just anything that works? Back to the work out plan it took me three days before I could walk up the stairs without bitching at every step. And its leg day again!!

We’re laid back with everything except for bodybuilding supplements that actually work… think they want us to be puny fat bastards down here. Cant even get MD6!

There are NO good supplements down here. I can get Methoxy here but as i said, its twice the cost at $80AUS… YIKES!!!

Well, the GSP works great, but you definitely need some sort of recovery enhancement during Phase II. I used the double workout plan with Androsol the first time and gained 8 pounds of LBM with almost no fat. This time I’m trying the single workout plan with MAG-10. Results so far: 1.3lbs fat gain; 4.2lbs LBM gain. This is after 5 days…