Growth Surge Nutrition

I’m getting ready to start the second stage of the Growth Surge Project. Using the formula given, my daily caloric intake needs to be 6625. In addition, John Berardi suggested my breakdown should be 20P - 50C - 30F. Have any of you T-mag readers figured out how to eat about 600 grams of carbs in only (3) P + C meals, while also eating 50 grams of protein. Even if I start eating at 6am and eat every 2 hours, I only get 3 solid carb meals when doing the double split workouts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If your’e using some sort of “assistance” during the second phase (and you should be), you can fit more carb meals into your diet than you would normally. So my suggestion would be (1) at least 8 meals (that’s how many I ate during Phase Two) per day and (2) make more than half of them P+C if you have to. When you get into Phase 3 you can go back to a more isocaloric eating plan.

Man I said the samething,I’m also doing the growth surge project-II with mag-10.what I’m doing is adding 4 N-large2 shakes,thats 208g of protein,356g of carbs,24g of fat,2480 calories. that is mixed with water,only thing I found to do. hope it helps.

Are you taking any androgens (MAG-10 or Androsol)? If you are, then you should basically eliminate all the P+F meals and just make sure to get in enough EFAs. If you are not, then I suggest you go out and find a high calorie weight gainer and sip it between P+C meals to get the extra cals and carbs you need.