Growth Surge & Mag-10

Been trying to find the old Mag-10 Support Groups, but couldn’t find them after lots of searching (guess after all the forum changes the older threads are taken out of searches?). I’ve read them a long time ago, but have forgotten most of the info.

Had a great Mag-10 cycle with GSP several months ago. I did another Mag-10 cycle later on with a personally-designed program, but that didn’t work out nearly as well (bad program design and some personal crises that happened). It’s been a while, but I was going to do another cycle (Mag-10 w/GSP).

Few questions for those who have tried this before:

  1. Last time I did this, my lower back was torched! Squats and Deads on the same day killed me, esp. with the killer pumps from the Mag-10. I also got biceps tendinitis (common for me when volume goes high and also from heavy deads-sumo style), but this I can deal with. Anyone with any alternative recommendations for leg day or should I bite the bullet and just do it according to the program like before? I think it's esp. tough because I use 400+ for reps of 6 in deads, and about 315 in Squats.
  2. Want to do a 4-week cycle this time instead of 2. What do you recommend program wise? Should I go 2 weeks GSP and then 2 weeks OVT? EDT? Keep going with GSP? Last time, I got great results, but was overtrained at the end (got sick with about 1/2 week left). However, last time, I wasn't getting adequate sleep because of job hours. This time, sleep should not be a problem.
Any feedback and tips would be appreciated.

3 days into GSP, and after the leg day, my lower back wasn’t as bad as last time. Maybe my erectors are getting stronger. I also picked up some liniment (Capsizen) just in case.

Still could use some help regarding a 4-week Mag-10 cycle. I was thinking 2 weeks GSP (2 x’s/day workouts). Then 2 weeks GSP (once a day workout, with maybe some slight modifications).

Any other ideas? Hoping to gain a good 25 lbs. from this month-long cycle.

Sounds good to me, I was thinking of doing something along these lines, the second two weeks being OVT and the “off” weeks following up with some of Joel’s RRD.

As per CT’s advice: Do ab work between your sets of deadlifts.

I get a killer lower back pump when deadlifting. So I always have to do some ab work in between sets. As soon as I’m done with my last rep I drop to the floor and do 10 strict sit-ups really concentrating on contracting my abs. It helps me greatly.