Growth Surge, Mag-10, and Proper nutrition

Hello everyone,

I’m getting ready to do the growth surge project 2 a days for 2 weeks. I’m intimidated by the eating requirements. I’ve been working out hard for 10 weeks now while I’ve been dieting and keeping a food log.

I calculated the food requirements from the article and the article recommends me eating 6400 KCals a day! I want to bulk and increase size but I don’t want to gain 10 pounds of fat in these two weeks either.

Can anyone give me advice from when they did the growth surge with Mag-10? Please keep in mind I’m NOT A HARD GAINER. I’M MORE ENDO-MESOMORPHIC.

Any testimonies will be helpful.


If your body type is such you probably grow pretty good without any support; you also have an easy time gaining fat if you aren’t careful. I would think that at least meeting the protein requirements of the diet, focusing on P+F meals until your post workout meals, adding your post-workout drink along with probably 3 of your meals being moderate protein with relatively high carbs. I would imagine that a diet that requires 6000+ kcals a day that doesn’t allow and junk foods would require at least 7-8 meals to allow your body to process the load. If you are eating clean and not overloading your body at any given meal, your body can process the food pretty good. I would suggest making sure you know what foods your body likes best and chew your proteins up REALLY good; this will help a lot.

Tuna and flax oils along with a little mayo can go a long way for protein and fat requirements (relative to caloric intake). Then again, you are going to need carbs to grow as well but given your body type, you might want to maximize the post-workout angle as much as possible.

Just some ideas. I was recently on a diet that was based around this and it was about 3800 cals a day. I was eating a lot of food, focusing on P+F until post-workout but it wasn’t overload. I was eating 6 times a day and found that I was feeling pretty good and was getting hungry every 3 hours or so. As far as timing was concerned, I was doing moderate steady state cardio in the mornings and from the time I got up to the time of my first meal, about 2 hours had passed. There is one more meal you can put in easily, and you might have to have something in the middle of the night or right before bed. Perhaps some cottage cheese. I wasn’t eating then either, I was making sure I was done eating about 8pm or so.

Watch out for sales; if your protein requirements are more insane than mine was you are going to drop some major bank in your next cycle. Might want to stock up on some Grow to help you out. Some supplements that might help you out would be R-ALA and CLA.

Good luck; hope this at least gives you some ideas.

Be careful here, or you could pack that fat on.

Don’t know what you eat now, but jumping from 3500 cals to over 6000 is not a good idea.

If you are at @3500 now, take some time to rachet up your metabolism, increasing your intake 250 cals every other week.

Thanks for the information,

I like the idea of maxing out my PWO carbs. Then taking the P+F meals throughout the day. I have a few questions.

What do you mean about eating too much in one sitting?

Typically in the morning I’ll eat 900 KCALs then I taper down to 400-500 KCAL meals. After my workout I eat 1000 KCAL meal within 2 hours of my workout, are these meals too big?

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Keep in mind I’m 310 lbs with 220 LBM. I know I"m working on the fat loss. However, I’m needing a break from my dieting I thought this would be a good change of pace.

The whole BF% deal is another reason I dont feel you will need to go extreme with the k/cal levels to make good progress with the growth surge. Sure go hypercaloric just not to high. I would say 250-500 over your maint… This way you will still make great gains and possibly even convert some BF.

As far as meal size. I think it was 700k/cals that JB stated as a good # to stay under to be more sure less is stored as fat. I generally keep mine under this with the exception of a big PWO meal. FEED that window and less the rest of the day.

So with the 2 a days you would have two such windows to take advantage of and smaller meals the rest of the day. This should help limit fat gain and maximize LBM gain in my opinion.

Just my 2 cc.

I’m getting the picture now.

How about this idea:

1 scoop Surge immediately before workout.
2 scoops after workout.
2 small meals P+C 500 KCAL each withing 3 hours after workout.

The rest of the day Low Carb Grow and EFAs around 550 KCALs

Let’s see that’s 1175 Calories for Surge
1000 Calories total after each workout window.
2 P+F meals with Low Carb Grow and oil 550 each = 1100

Plus 300 KCAL of Cottage Cheese or Low Carb Grow 1 hour before bed. That amounts to 4500 Kcals a day. I think that will allow me to gain size but not fat.

It’s easier for me to workout in the morning and at lunch. I don’t see this as an issue other than the fact that I’ll probably need an afternoon nap!

I’ll give this a go in a week and see how it goes. This should give me good gains. Then I’ll be ready for my vacation.

If I’m missing anything let me know.


You are missing one HUGE ingredient to any bulk or cut cycle. REAL WHOLE FOOD. PDRS are great but dont live on them.


I typically eat real food in the morning time and around noon. Then I usually take 3 MRP’s from 4-9PM. It’s just easier to get the protein for me right now. I’ll usually have a couple servings of cottage cheese before bed.

Thanks for the info man,