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Growth Surge for super heavyweight

I am 22 years old, 6’3", 247lbs - 23% bodyfat. I have been weight training and boxing since october of 2002. Recently in accordance with my trainer we have decided to enter next years Golden Gloves Tournament. I will be fighting in the Novice Super heavy weight class. Needless to say I want to dismantle the competetion.

This week I started the growth surge diet. Right now I am in the priming stage and all is well. When the Mag10 cycle kicks in I’ll be eating approximately 5800 calories broken down into:
20% Fat - 1160 calories - 128 g fat
35% Protein - 2030 - 508g protein
45% Carbs - 2610 - 650g carbs

Daily Vitamin
Cell Tech 5 g - After morning work out and PM workout
Whey Powder - As needed
Massive Growth(1250 calories, 252 carbs, 50g protein, 5g fat per serving) - One shake after P.M. work out and one before bed
Mag10 - Twice daily
Myo-Blast - Per Bottle Recommendations

(sorry about mentioning non Bio-Test products - I am still new to T nation and some of this stuff I had previously bought but never used i.e. myoblast, cell tech)

I am willing to do anything, other than illegal anabolics for obvious drug testing reasons.

What are your suggestions for me to attain my physical goal of being 240lbs at 9%-10% bf? Or is this goal just way too unrealistic for me to even think about attaining in 10 months?

Thanks alot!

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Ideally, you want to get lean before trying to “bulk up” so rather than doing Massive Eating, I’d check into the “Don’t Diet” version and shed the fat. Mag-10 will help you keep the muscle while dieting, but you’d probably have been better off with 4ADEC.

If you’re going to use MAG-10, save it for when you get to the point where you hit a plateau with your fat loss. Then, use MAG-10 along with some good fat burners and maybe another reduction in calories to get to your goal of 10 percent bodyfat.

hmm…So you are saying I should abort this growth surge mission, get my body fat down to where I want it to be and then from there do a bulking phase? The idea of carrying the higher percentage of body fat doesn’t really bother me, if it’s only temporary. But honestly I am a newbie to all of this so I’ll take what ever solid advice I can get! Also why do you think I should have gotten the 4AD instead of the MAG10? Thanks!

Yes, definitely diet down first. Otherwise, you’ll gain a lot more fat than muscle if you try to bulk now. John Berardi has written about this in his “Appetite for Construction” articles on T-mag. I highly suggest checking them out along with the “Don’t Diet” version of Massive Eating.

The general rule is to bulk once you are below 12 percent bodyfat. Otherwise, you’ll gain more fat than you would if you were already lean.

As for MAG-10, either save it for when you do bulk (after you get lean), or use it for when you hit your fat loss plateau. Only reason I’d say go with 4ADEC over MAG-10 is because you can use it for a longer period of time, thus, if dieting, it’s better for preserving muscle mass while using a lower caloric intake.

Thanks alot fo the advice Nate Dogg! Just one more question, does my goal seem too drastic to you? I know I can do it (I got that PMA) but do you think I may lose too much lbm to build it back up in time for the gloves?

beAman13 you ask a couple of good questions. Let me see if I could help out a little.

I am in a little disagrement w/ the above suggestions just because you are training in the Super Heavyweight boxing division.

Since you don’t have to make weight why not try to maintane the same bodyweight you have and just drop the bf?

Now if the reason you want to lose weight is to again speed. Focus on explosive power movements for speed.

Hope this helps…

Ten months is a pretty good time frame to accomplish most of your goals. Much of it will depend on how well you dial in your diet and nutrition needs. You may be able to build some muscle while burning fat, but getting lean and then bulking up to 240lbs may not be possible in that same 10-month time span.

Just focus on getting lean while training correctly. Do you have to fight in the heavier weight class? Or could you go a weight class lower?

Hey guys
Well to tell you the truth if I drop below 220 lbs I look sick. Sick in a bad way. I am the epitome of big boned My chest measured 50" before even working out. I am super heavyweight by nature and honestly I carry it really well. My Main goal is to get shredded for the comptetion and be in tip top shape. I am gonna do the burn fat first then bulk up idea. I decided to take the next three months and try to get as lean as possible, without dropping below 230lbs (just for image reasons, being able to count my rib what i would call healthy). I have a very odd body type. But thanks for all your advice.!!
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