Growth Surge Diet

Hey everyone, after reading a few posts about the length of bulking and cutting, I came up with an interesting idea. Let’s say a T-man is doing the Growth Surge Project with Massive Eating and of course Mag 10. Now, in his two week of cycle, which he is supplementing M, Tribex, and Methoxy, he is supposed to cut his calories and lower volume of work out. What would happen if he changed his diet for those two weeks to a T-DAWG DIET? He still would be taking above maintainence calories (3000+) but it would mostly come from protein and fat. What do you guys think? Could he even supplement some MD6 to help burn some of the added bf? This is completely a hypothetical situation that I came up with after reading Bill Roberts post about using short bulking and short cutting cycles. Go ahead and rip me a new one if I’m completely off the wall…




Nick, just try it if you want to do it. What you’re suggesting has been done. Not everyone has done Growth Surge exactly has written. Many of us have modified Growth Surge by adopting other ideas from the T-mag articles. Read the Mag10 support group threads for other ideas of what people have done in those two weeks.

I wouldn’t expect fat loss when consuming above maintenance. If no fat loss is planned then perhaps this might work well for you.