Growth Surge Begins!

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and posts on the board about the training/diet program designed by myself and John Berardi called “The Growth Surge Project”. Basically, we’ve put together a very detailed and complete six week program designed to trigger a surge in muscular growth.

Anyway, just to let everyone know, the three part series begins today! It’s tough both physically and mentally, and even the diet part is going to take a tremendous amount of discipline and work. But that’s why it’s being published in T-mag and not some foo-foo mag, after all. Hope everyone likes it and gives it a shot.

As the President says “Roll On!!”

Excellent! I have been trying to design a program around JMB’s Creation of a T-man to begin my training year in 1/1/02. Is this new program going to fit in nicely with the release of MAG-10. As far as being six weeks long, how would you suggest the use of the routine with the cycling of MAG-10.

AWESOME. I think most of your readership, especially those of us who frequent this forum are absolutely primed for a program such as this. I know alot of us have revamped our training/approach to come into more alignment with Coach Davies, as well as Don Alessi’s Meltdown training…what this has really done for me, besides increasing my fitness level and lowering bodyfat, is to raise my levels of discipline both in the gym and in the office… a rewakening if you will, so the discipline and ‘pain’ that you mentioned are greatly welcomed! Thanks in advance for the new program.

Sounds good to me! You know I’m looking forward to putting the MAG-10 to the test. And since I’ll be doing a six-week cycle of it, this training and nutrition program will be perfect. I’m looking forward to checking it out tonight!

The program will have three phases and each phase will have its own diet, training, and supplementation recommendations. We strongly suggest you use something during phase II, be it Androsol, MAG-10, steroids…whatever. That’s because it will involve more eating than most people have ever done and twice-per-day training sessions (although we do provide a once per day option.) With all that, you need an androgen of some type to help put the calories to work and prevent overtraining. You could stay on longer than Phase II if you wanted, provided you came off properly with a nice Tribex-vitex stack.

The stage you’ll see today is the Priming Stage. It’s going to look really easy and it is from a physical standpoint (but maybe not a mental one.) But what we’re doing is getting you prepped for hell, uh, I mean phase II. I personally would save MAG-10 for phase II and not use it during phase one.

I’m told that MAG-10 will be ready to go by the time you’re ready for phase two (about two weeks from now.)

If you don’t plan on starting right away, just print out the articles as they’re published and start whenever you’re ready.

Looking forward to it!!!

Not to get ahead of you or anything, but are you saying it would actually be better to cycle off of the Mag-10 in the third phase? It just seems to make sense to me to use all 3 bottles of my Mag-10 at once since to maximize my results. I had better luck using Androsol in longer cycles so I’m assuming that would be the case with Mag-10 as well. A lot of steroid users seem to stick to longer cycles as well. And of course I’d come off with Tribex and Vitex at the end of the 6 weeks.
Have you guys done much experimenting yet as far as comparing short Mag-10 cycles to longer ones?

Saxman- You could do that. Up to you. Phase III will involve 1) recovering from phase II 2) retaining gains 3) losing any excess fat. It looks like MAG-10 would be fine for that, but in my thinking androgens are made for mass phases. Sure, you can diet with them to retain muscle, but they really shine for pure muscle and strength gains-- phase II in our program.

I used Androsol myself when experimenting with this program, but based on what I’ve heard from Bill, Tim, and Brock, MAG-10 is going to be at least twice as good as A-sol. And that may be an understatement. But really, what you use and when is up to you, although we make suggestions in the articles. I think Methoxy-7 would make a great supp for phase III myself, but you certainly aren’t going to do any harm by doing another bottle of MAG-10 during the final stage.

BTW, phase III isn’t really a diet. In fact, you’re still eating “massively”. It’s a mistake to go from a hardcore mass phase to a strict cutting diet with no transition. This program takes care of that and is designed to help you keep the gains.

Now I’m getting ahead of myself, but I could also see a person doing this program 2 or 3 times in a row. In that case, if you choose to use MAG-10, you could do it during phase II only each time leaving four weeks off between each bottle. Just thinking out loud. I’m sure after the program has been out for a year we’ll see lots of variations.

sweet ass. can’t wait to read the article and use some mag-10 with the program. i think you might have blown the release date Chris by stating that Mag-10 will be available in 2 weeks which is sooner than the expected 8 weeks. well, if it is then great and time to get huge! if not, i’ll wait for it and remain small.

The program sounds absolutely awesome and I can’t wait to try it! Where I live MAG 10 and Androsol are both unavailable, so I was thinking of using the Tribex, Methoxy, ZMA stack instead. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas? Thanks Chris!

Nick- That stack is probably your best bet then. You’ll just need to be really careful with diet (as everyone should) and perhaps drop a little of the volume in phase two. You could also lower cals just a bit if needed. Then again, none of this may be needed. Tribex/Methoxy is a pretty potent stack. Just play it by ear and adjust as necessary.

Chris- You reccomend 2 tbsps of flax plus 6-10g of fish-oils. But, since I follow the 50c-35p-15f form of Massive Eating, that would be too much fat. So, do I just cut it in half maybe?

Fifteen fish oil caps and two serving of flax oil comes to about 41 grams of good fat. If you think that’s too much, cut it in half. But I’d like to hear John’s opinion on this because although that may make you go over 15%, I can’t see the good fats interfering with your results.

Maybe JMB, the busy boy himself, will have time to chime in here. (John’s getting ready to blow them away at the SWIS symposium next week in Toronto, so he’s pretty busy right now. I’ll be there too, but I’m just going to be in the audience tossing spitballs at him and trying to get Ian King to sing the Outback steakhouse theme for me.)

Umm Chris, I just read the article and being the ever impatient weightlifter I have this question:
what if used MAG-10 for phase II,came off with Vitex and Tribex in phase III and then went straight into a phase II again followed by another phase III?
Would doing this for a total of 14 weeks (one six-week cycle,followed by two four-week cycles) be too much?

Thanks a lot man

I’m going to repeat Phase II 4 times, but I’m going to change it every 2 weeks.
So the 8 weeks on MAG 10 will be dedicated to PHase II. Then I’ll use Phase III to help retain gains :smiley:
And I won’t start MAG 10 till Phase II :smiley:
Hope to see what happens hehe

Guys, I’d suggest that you follow the program just as it’s written the first time you try it. Then play around with modifications later. It’s like with supplements- before you experiment with the dosing protocol, follow the label directions first and see how that works. There’s a reason, after all, why those recommendations were made.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m anxious to see all the modifications that are made as time goes by and I encourage experimentation, but do the program “as is” the first time through so we can all compare results.

Chris, I recently posted asking JMB to post a sample plan like the ones he recently did in the last Appetite for Construction, except done 50-35-15 style. He’s never given a plan like that before. I really would like to see how many P+F meals he includes, and what foods he uses to keep carbs high, and fats low. I also E-Mailed him, but you said he’s been real busy, so I undertsand. So, I guess if you could ask him to help us low-fat guys out sometime soon, I’d appreciate it! Thanks.

Is the 20 minutes of cardio after workouts all you reccomend for the 1st phase? Or should would do another 30min on non-workouts days?

I don’t know how many P+F meals JMB would recommend if you’re going to do a 50-35-15 ratio but I would think it would vary with every person. My recommendation would be to consume your P+F meals last in the day. This would have bodyfat and energy benefits. So eat your P+C meals first in the day and finish with your 1-2 P+F meals. This would not be recommende if you worked out late at night though.