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Growth Surge and Non-W/O Days

I have a question for those who haved done the Growth Surge Project Phase II. Have you guys made any adjustments to your diet plan on the days you 2 days a week you dont workout?

I am currently taking one dose of MAG-10 per day, and eating 6200 cals a day, and ratios are 50% carbs,40 % protein, and 10% fat. Im doing the two a day workouts. I was wondering since Im planning on not doing any activity on non workout days should I decrease my calories slightly to make up for the lack of activity? I mean with my workouts Im burning anywhere between 600-800 cal or more per day. I just want to keep my BF as low as possible while still adding mass. Any ideas?

Also should I keep the same ratios on days off or should I eat more fiberous carbs…since Im eating so much starch on workout days?

Any suggestions are always appreciated.

Remember, you don’t grow in the gym, you grow while you rest. So, keep those calories up there!

I’d keep the same ratios even, just make sure they’re split into P + C meals and P + F meals.

Besides, you’re on MAG-10, you certainly don’t want to short change yourself! It’s not that hard to cut back down after a short, full-blown, bulking cycle. Espcially since the anabolic effects of MAG-10 will keep fat gain to a minimum by actually putting those calories to good use.

The only thing you may want to change, well you should, would be to make sure the carb sources on your off days are more towards the low glycemic end of things. Oatmeal does a body good. :wink:

Have fun and don’t forget to let us know how the plan works for you!

Also, you could always opt for the maximum dose of MAG-10, if it’s a feasible option.