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Growth Surge and Massive Eating

Just started the Growth Surge Project from the back issues.

Yikes man,…Massive Eating is a real chore. 4500 calories a day -and that is just the priming stage.

One more week and it’s time to break out the Mag 10.

It will be the first time I lift twice a day. I plan on bustin’ ass for some great gains.

Let me know how it goes, dude…started it myself 3 weeks ago, but I had to extend Phase I due to gaining too much fat on the ‘fat-loss’ phase. Dammit!

It turns out that coming off a ketogenic diet, one should NOT have too many carbs too quickly. Not that I didn’t know that, but I was so psyched to start up that I bit the bullet and went for it. I did gain 8 pounds, some water-weight, the rest LBM and FM. Ahh…I start Phase II after Turkey-day.

Good Luck!