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Growth Surge 2

I’m about to attempt Growth Surge 2 after about a month return from training. It’s a little soon but since I’m waiting to go back to school for the next two weeks and doing nothing in the interim, I figure it’s worth a shot. I do have a couple of questions:

  1. The tricep extenstions reccomended don’t really work well with my elbows, so I was planning on changing the 3 x 6 with 4 x 5 with close grip 2 board presses.

2.) If I go with more a of a pressing focus in the 2nd workout of Day C, I was considering doing the chest cable press from Chad Waterbury’s build a huge chest in 6 weeks in place of the incline press.

3.) Since coming back I’ve gone from 152 to 160 (with creatine loading, and at 6’). I’d like to use some kind of supplement on this program, either Tribex or Mag-10 (only 2 bottles of Mag left).