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Growth Stunt at Age 17?

Hello, I’m new to this forum. Today I have something to discuss about.
I’m a small guy ( asian btw), my parents are short. My mom 152cm (5ft) and my dad 169cm ( 5ft5 I guess).
I started lifting weight since 15 (2015). At that time, my height was 156cm (2015). Now, I’m 163cm but I have notice that my height stopped increase for nearly a year ( I’m 17 btw ).
Compare to my classmates, I’m pretty short ( 3rd shortest guy in the class) even tho someone my friends their parents nearly my parents height but they’re lots taller than me.
So how can I increase my height? Will my height stunt?

[ And I haven’t got any injuries from lifting weight ]

BTW my English very bad. Sorry about it :smile:
THANKS :smile: