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Growth on Cycle for a Vet.

sorry if this is in the wrong section guys, Ive been a TNation fan for years, but just singed up to post on the forums.

First here are my stats.

30yr old
6’3" 250lbs 10% bf
505lb DL, 405lb Sq, 315lb bnch = 1225lb total

Been lifting only for 5 years now.
I started out at 245lbs 30% bf.
Dropped down to a super skinny 185lbs.
Now I am at 250lbs 10% give or take on both.

Anyways, I did my first cycle a year into lifting(yea maybe too soon I know but whatever its the past)
my first cycle was testE 500/wk.

I went from 189lbs-220lbs in 10 weeks on this, it was insane. lol.
Then my next cycle after was test e/dbol.
Next cycle was prop/tren
Next cycle was prop/tren/mast
blah blah blah.
Ive ran quite a few cycles usually 2 a year, always time on = time off though.

None the less, landed myself on TRT, usually my cruise time is spent at 150mg/wk.

My question is,
currently I am on 600mg prop/600mg npp/50mg dbol daily.
I am well aware that everyone is different and it comes down to diet and training, but here is my questions now that I got all that stuff out of the way.

I am not a power lifter, but being strong is fun, primarily I train in higher volume, 4x12, 8x8, 5x8 etc etc. This has been what has worked for me.

My question is, at what point do you guys find yourself hitting that spot where your growth just slows way down, I know I am still growing, I take my measurements every two weeks along with body fat.

But I miss the days of packing on 5-10lbs in a cycle in 8-10weeks.
I am getting bigger as I always do on cycle, and certainly getting stronger.
But damnit, I miss just feeling like Ive blown up in 6 weeks into a cycle.

My diet is roughly like this
Some days I struggle to get my macros in, and in reality I know my diet is a weaker point, but I still mostly always hit my cals and macros, prep all my food and eat the same damn things day in day out even at the same time.

Was it 5 years in for you guys, when that explosive growth just came to a hault?

As far as my training goes, I know I have always responded best to high volume, so I am weary of drifting away from what I know works to see if that may spark more new growth.

Sorry if my post is all over the place and confusing.

Just curious what you veterans have ran into after being in the game for so long when it comes to continued growth.

Thanks guys!

I guess nearly the same point you did? I Find the mass I put on over 240lbs is nowhere near as clean as the mass I can put on between 220 and 240.

I dont consider myself a vet by any means, been lifting for a lil less than 4 years myself. But you cant be afraid to experiment with new ways of training, eating, supplements etc.