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Growth: Hypothetically Speaking


If one were to train a bodypart a day lets say split into, chest, quads, hams, bis and tris, shoulders calves and abs, split up on their separate days and trained until they couldn't lift anymore weight then ate a ton of food, more then enough to refill the body for the day would a ton of growth be stimulated from kicking the muscle's ass?

For some reason this just had me thinking lately and I wanted to get your insight.


Are you high? Pass that shit to me. Yes, you will grow if you lift weights and eat. Ofcourse you will also have to set up a correct masturbation schedule based on the correlation of venus and orion's belt with saturn on the skyvalve, just to get your hormones right for growing. But that's obvious.


There's no mention of progression. I can squat 135lb, leg press 315 and do leg extensions with 90lb until my quads give out but it won't induce growth unless i'm progressing in some fashion.

So to answer your question, some growth, yes, but not a whole lot.


Wait...this had you thinking lately? About what?


I'm starting to think the spoon isn't plastic.


If you train until you cannot lift anymore weight, you will over-train.

If you train until you cannot lift anymore weight, then you pretty much need to spend 6 hours in the gym with the intent of crippling yourself.

Think about how many drop sets of Bench you would need to do so that you really couldn't lift the empty bar.


If...like...I eat, then I weigh myself, I weigh more than I did last time.


It had me thinking if you beat the living hell out of a muscle, not just hit it with 5-8 sets but hit it with 20+ if it would be more effective with proper nutrition.


Do you, ummm, read the forums here ever?

I ask because this topic has to be discussed almost as often as the "TBT vs. Split", and "compound exercises vs. isolation exercises" topics.

The magnitude of muscle damage does not directly coorelate to the degree of growth/improvement.

You have to take into account rate of recovery, rate of progression, and yes nutrition.

There is a point of diminishing returns beyond which you are actually hurting your progress.

Think about it this way:

If you go out and split some firewood for a little while each day, you will develop calluses on your hands and will eventually be able to go for longer and longer periods without overdoing it.

But, if you go out and split firewood until your hands bleed, then you aren't going to be splitting wood for quite a long time, and likely when you do finally come back to it, your hands won't be noticeably tougher than they were to begin with.

In the first example you are giving your body something that it's not used to, but not so beyond what your body is used to that your body can't adapt fast enough to benefit you.

In the second example you're going so beyond what your body is capable of adapting to that you wind up hurting yourself and possibly setting yourself back a few notches.


Or...or what of you lifted even heavier weight that you truly couldn't get more than 10 reps with and did that for several sets...and then...and then what of you ate more to gain weight.

I'm like betting that's how you like get like big.


very nice analogy


This is common sense. Do people really need to be informed that they need rest and extra calories to grow along with the work in the gym?

Do people really just go into the gym, do "5-8 sets" for a muscle and leave without considering whether they actually stressed the muscle enough to adapt?


They probably don't care, so they don't ask the question.

Seriously. I think some people totally don't understand the concept of lifting weights to get stronger. They just lift the same weights.


I've never heard (and dont thik i understand) this phrase before

EDIT: never mind I just noticed his name is a plastic spoon


lots of people just like the idea that there in the gym weather they acually do one thing right is another story


No wonder growth always only occurs "hypothetically speaking".